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Welcome, thanks for dropping by the Bioweed Organic site. Bioweed Organic is a glyphosate free, certified organic, weed control made from hand tapped pine oil.

Bioweed is Australian owned and made and backed by over 20 years research and development. It’s safe for use around your family, garden, pets and vegetables. We hope to help you to create an garden to be proud of, one weed at a time.

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What is Bioweed Organic?

Bioweed Organic is an Australian certified organic herbicide that works. Made from hand tapped pine oil, and is synthetic chemical free and glyphosate free. Bioweed rapidly kills most weeds, and their seed, with visible results within minutes.

Use it in gardens, paths, driveways, around buildings and as a spot spray in lawns. Bioweed is safe for use around children, vegetables, animals and has no effect on birds, bees and earthworm populations

Bioweed does not harm soil microbia and no soil residual properties  and dissolves into a naturally occurring carbon within 72 hours of application that benefits soil.

proud partner of wishlist

Bioweed Organic is a proud Sunshine Coast product and  premium partner of local charity, Wishlist, and makes a donation from each bottle of Bioweed Organic sold.

Wishlist is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fundraising for the needs of the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and Sunshine Coast Health Service.

sustainably sourced to provide sustainable results.

It’s time to take a more sustainable approach.  Bioweed Organic is an sustainable weed control formulated with natural, non-toxic active ingredient.

Bioweed Organic is 100% sourced from sustainably farmed pine trees, hand tapped, farmed and managed by indigenous stewards. Providing them with an income and support for their local community.


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