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Welcome to Bioweed!

Welcome, thanks for dropping by the Bioweed site. Bioweed is a herbicide made from natural and sustaianbly source hand tapped pine oil, certified organic Input* and glysophate free.

Bioweed is Australian owned, made and backed by over 20 years research and development. It’s safe for use around your family, garden, pets and vegetables.

We hope to help you to create a garden to be proud of, one dead weed at a time.


“Because it works! And because it’s organic I have no worries about any toxic runoff into our local creek. The pine oil also has the added bonus of keeping my dogs off my gardens and veggies without having to gate everything off😊”

Respondant / Bioweed Satisfaction Survey

“This is an unpaid testimonial! I bought Bioweed after talking about it on the radio. I figured it’s a local product, and it doesn’t contain glysophate, so it couldn’t hurt. Because I am cynical I decided to only spray half my pavers, so I could compare the results. The two photos tell the story. I am so happy – for all the above reasons – but especially because it is safe for the family and really works.”

Caroline / Facebook

“Absolute little ripper of a product ! Worked very quickly. Ideal for killing weeds on my gravel driveway and between paving stones.”

Respondent / Bioweed Satisfaction Survey

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sustainably sourced to provide sustainable results.

It’s time to take a more sustainable approach.  Bioweed offers a sustainable weed control method formulated with a non-toxic ingredient.

Bioweed is 100% sourced from sustainably farmed pine trees, hand tapped, farmed and managed by indigenous stewards. Providing them with an income and support for their local community.


*This product is allowable for use on farms certified to the Australian Certified Organic Standard