Pre and post-emergent herbicides.

Conventional herbicides come in two main categories, post and pre-emergent. Simply put, post-emergent means that it kills the weeds around they have come out of the ground. Pre-emergent means that they sit in the soil killing the weed seed when it is germinating.

Although pre-emergent herbicides can be beneficial, they are heavily reliant on rainfall. The same can be said about post-emergent herbicides. They are excellent at controlling weeds that have sprouted but if the weeds have been left to set seed the post-emergent herbicide will not be able to control new generations of the plant. This can lead to an ongoing cycle of weeds and an increase in the seed bank.

As pre-emergent herbicides need the weed seed to germinate it isn’t as easy as spraying the seeds and getting control. Many different factors can hinder the success of pre-emergent herbicides such as soil type, photodegradation (exposure to sunlight) and water availability. If you have ever used a pre-emergent herbicide before and thought the results were not beneficial it may have been to do with one of these three factors.

Bioweed differs from conventional herbicides as acts as a post-emergent weed killer while also controlling seed that is connected to the plant or on the soil surface. Bioweeds unique seed killing action means that it does not wait for the seed to germinate but rather coats the seed and cracks the seed coat, rendering the seed inviable. This can be especially beneficial for areas of little rainfall as it is not reliant on water availability to do its job. It is also valuable as it is a visual seed control technique, meaning that you can have a targeted approach to the areas that have just dropped seed.

Through testing, Bioweed has been proven to show a reduction of normal spray patterns by controlling the seed before a seed bank is established. Over 18 months a reduction of up to 50% can be seen. This means less time chasing weeds and more time getting on with the important stuff!

If you would like to have a more in-depth discussion about how Bioweed could work for your setting please contact Nick on 0438 606 833.