How to kill and control Dandelion.

How to kill and control Dandelion?

How to kill and control Dandelion? Welcome to our weed profile on the Dandelion Taraxacum Officinale, a hardy, opportunistic weed that will take advantage of the fertiliser you may be using around your garden and can leave over 2,000 seeds in your garden.

What is Dandelion Taraxacum Officinale?

Dandelions are a perennial (year-round) plant that is originally found in the Northern Hemisphere. They can be identified by their rosette-shaped base that forms above a large taproot. It can also be identified by its bright yellow flower that rises above the plant. Dandelion can be hard to control, but Bioweed will control your dandelion weeds. Dandelion has a lot of seeds, there can be up to 200 seeds per flower and up to 10 flowers per plant. Over the lifetime of the plant, a Dandelion can produce an average of 15,000 seeds. They. This makes them a very successful weed in your garden!

Where does Dandelion Taraxacum Officinale grow?

Another reason the dandelion is so successful is its taproot. If you have ever pulled out a dandelion and a small amount of the root has remained, you may see it sprout in weeks or even days. Seeds of the Dandelion are also able to germinate at very low levels of soil and can sprout in the same season as they have been dropped. Bioweed is perfect at controlling the weed and seed, more on that later.

Why do I have so many Dandelion in my garden?

Dandelions dominate soils that have a high in nitrogen and potassium. Therefore they tend to take over your garden areas. Where you may be fertilising for the benefit of your flowers and fruiting plants, Dandelions will take advantage. They also grow well in soils that are low in phosphorus. This relates closely to Australia as we are known for having low phosphorus soils. Bioweed is perfect for controlling Dandelions as can be sprayed around your flowering plants and gardens without harming your plants.

How do I kill and control Dandelion Taraxacum Officinale?

Dandelions can be killed and controlled by hand in the right setting it can be difficult to remove all the taproot in a garden setting. Bioweed is a great natural option for killing dandelion as it can kill the weed and its taproot. Bioweed will also control the seeds of the Dandelion when sprayed correctly, as it will kill the seeds on the plant and lower the seed count in your garden. This means that you can cut out thousands of potential future plants.

How to apply Bioweed?

Best practice can be found on our application page.

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