Calibrating Spray Equipment for Best Results.

When using a contact herbicide, your spray pack calibration is of the upmost importance.

It is extremely important to ensure that you calibrate your spray equipment to get the best results when using Bioweed, as it does differ from traditional herbicides, with the plant needing to be fully covered to ensure the best kill.

There are a few things to take into consideration when calibrating spray equipment including the nozzle, the height you are spraying the product at, and how you calibrate the product to your equipment.

What nozzle is the best to use when using contact herbiside?

The type of nozzle you use is the most important aspect while using Bioweed, as it is a full-contact herbicide the nozzle must help cover the plant allowing the Bioweed to work. The ideal nozzle to use with the Bioweed is a flat fan, this will allow you to cover more of the plant while reducing the amount of product and time used. Which may be different from your conventional nozzle settings or type.

The bellow table illustrates what nozzles will assist in an optimum kill while using the Bioweed.

What height to spray weeds?

With Bioweed it is important that you fully cover the plant, the height you spray the plant will affect the results you will get. When spot spraying it is ideal to spray closer to the plant to ensure full coverage, and therefore improve the products weed-killing power. We always recommend that any weeds over 15cm should be pulled or slashed first and large weed shrubs or bushes should also be slashed/cut back first.

How to Calibrate your Equipment for the best results from Bioweed?

The calibration of your equipment will heavily affect the success of Bioweed, The Bioweed concentrate is mixed at a higher rate than traditional herbicides.

You must calibrate your spray equipment with water before mixing in the Bioweed, a way to ensure that you get the optimal flow rate is to spray water through the equipment into a measuring cup for 30 seconds. The equipment should fill up to 900-1L for the 30 seconds. When you multiply this by two you will achieve an optimal flow rate of 1.8-2L per minute which is the optimum flow rate for Bioweed, then it is time to mix in the Bioweed and start spraying!

The concentrated Bioweed is to be mixed at 20% with 80% water, this will ensure optimum kill when applicated right, the steps to mixing Bioweed into your equipment is:

  1. Fill the spray unit with half of the required water (40%)
  2. Add the measured amount of Bioweed concentrate (20%) then mix
  3. Then add the remaining water (40%) and mix well
  4. Apply the mixture to weeds ensuring full coverage

Another thing to take into consideration is the weigh of the droplets you are using, as most traditional herbicides have a light droplet size meaning that droplet size is smaller lowering contact with the plant. It is important that when calibrating the Bioweed that you create a medium to coarse droplet as the product relies on covering the plant completely.