How to control and kill Crows foot?

How to control and kill Crows foot? Welcome to our weed profile on Crows foot Eleusine indica, a stubborn grass species that can invade your garden and outcompete your treasured plants.

What is Crows foot?

Crows foot goes by several other common names, of these the most familiar in Australia is crabgrass and Wiregrass. Crows foot is a flat weed that grows close to the ground with smooth strap-like leaves the come out from a central point. The seed heads protrude up from the base and have a similar look to that of a Crow’s foot, hence the name. Although a summer annual, in most Australian states it can thrive and produce seed in all seasons.

Where does it grow?

Crows foot prospers in nutrient-deprived soils and loves compacted earth where other plants may struggle. You will most commonly see it popping up in pebbled pathways and garden bed edges. It will also dominate areas of high stress such as gravel driveways and cracks in concrete. As these areas can be difficult to dig and pull out by hand, Bioweed is a great tool to eradicate these garden intruders.

Why does Crows foot keep popping up in my garden?

Crows foot produce a large amount of seed from season to season. Each seed head can have up to ten spikelets. This means that within one season, thousands of seed can end up in your garden and even make its way into your lawn. This can cause serious problems for the productivity of your lawn as it can outcompete for space and leave your lawn with bare batches. You can get on top of this problem by using Bioweed on the seed heads of the plant. This will kill the seeds to stop the spread of the crow’s foot around your garden. Prevention is key with these types of weeds as they can quickly multiply and take over!

How can I kill and control Crows foot?

The best way to control Crows foot is to apply the full rate of Bioweed to all parts of the weeds leaves and seed head. Make sure to have a look at our application manual to ensure you get the best results. Once you can get the seed of the Crows foot under control you will see a steady reduction in the weed in your garden.