Bacillus Trials RE-250 Root Energizer

Recently our Aragomist, Nick, decided to do some trials on some seedlings for our new RE-250 Root & Soil energiser, with some impressive results, recording a 60% increase in root length on both corn and zucchini seedlings.

Trial Overview

RE-250 active ingredient, bacillus, is a living organism that aids plants with the uptake of phosphorous and helps in the development of root and shoots of plants. This is beneficial to seedlings as it can help to increase the drought tolerance and shorten the time of seedling vulnerability. Trials were conducted on seeds to see the difference and root and shoot development of common garden vegetables. Corn and Zucchini are chosen as they readily available and common to residential gardeners. These plants were also selected to see the effect bacillus has on both dicot and monocot plants. Overall, there was a noticeable difference between the control and treated plants.


  1. Zucchini and Corn seeds were planted in small pots with general potting mix
  2. Plants were placed in separate trays labelled control and Bacillus
  3. Control was watered in using tap water
  4. RE-250 was mixed in with rain water and allowed to rest for 20 min
  5. The treated plants were watered in using a 1% solution of RE-250
  6. Plants were kept inside to limit the impact of outside variables such as rain
  7. Normal watering was conducted on both control and treated pots
  8. Plants were emptied from their pots on day 14 and length of the roots and shoots recorded.


Table 1. Plant size

Plant Size (cm)
  Corn Zucchini
Control 17.1cm 4.3cm
Treated with Bacillus 27.5cm 6.9cm
% Increase 60.82% 60.47%


Table 2. Root Count

Root Count
  Corn Zucchini
Control 11 4
Treated with Bacillus 34 12
% Increase 209.09% 200%


Table 3. Measurement pictures

  Control Treated

Results Discussion

By looking at the results, you can clearly see the difference between the control and treated corn and zucchini. An increase of 60.82% and 60.47% respectively were observed in the plant’s root and shoot development at 14 days. There was also an increase of 209.09% and 200% increase in the number of roots developed at 14 days. This shows the benefits of using RE-250 as a treatment for increasing the root length and numbers. The pictures in table 3 also show in the increase in the shoot’s development and size. Overall, there is evidence that shows that using RE-250 is beneficial when planting garden seeds.
















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