Helping your lawn bounce back stronger

Ben, one of our probiotic ambassadors has used a mixed treatment of Biotic booster and RE-250 after scarification of his lawn and the results can be seen in as little as two weeks’ time. In this post, we will discuss the importance of Probiotics, especially Biotic Booster and RE-250 in your lawn maintenance regime.

Why you need to cut back your lawn.

We all know the pain in scarifying or cutting back your lawn. It is a necessary part of your lawn maintenance program, but it can feel like cutting away all your hard work throughout the year. It is important as it cuts away woody stolons and keeps your grass from thatching and removing the understory that can harbour pests and disease. After scarification, using a mixed treatment of Biotic booster and RE-250 will provide the much-needed bacteria required to repair the lawn and make it come back stronger.

Why apply Biotic Booster.

Biotic Booster provides the perfect boost for your lawn and soil. With millions of microorganisms in each bottle including humics, fulvic humus and seaweed extract. These three ingredients have been proven to help build the underground structure of your garden to boost your living soil and to improve the root development of your grass and natural tolerance to heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases. Biotic Booster works well on lawns as it increases the organic matter in the soil and helps feed your grass the nutrients needed to grow strong and produce good quality green grass. Without good levels of organic carbon, your soil will struggle with its nutrient holding capacity, meaning that the nutrients that you feed your grass may not be available for the grass as it can be lost as soon as it is applied. Biotic booster has the ability to increase your soils cation exchange capacity (CEC). This is the soils ability to hold on to nutrients that are vital for your grass growth.

Why Apply RE-250.

RE-250 is a specifically designed root and soil energiser containing the bacteria Bacillus S. This bacteria is known for its ability to naturally induce grass and plant growth responses, which gives it the ability to fix overused or imbalanced soil. This technology has been used in countries such as Israel for a number of years to allow farming and plant growth in the desert, where nutients in the soil and water are scarse. So no matter what your soil type, the Bacillus S. will help create nutrient-rich soil for your grass to strive in, as well as better root systems so nutrients will flow from the soil to your grass, producing thicker, stronger and greener grass.

Lawn Before
Ben’s Lawn after cut back and before application of Probiotics.
Ben’s Lawn two weeks after application of Probiotics.

How to apply the mixture to your grass.

You will require a pressure spray bottle, usually around 8 – 10L if you have a decent size lawn. Fill the bottle with rainwater or un-chlorinated water. If you only have town water you will need to let the water sit for 24hrs to make sure the water is un-chlorinated. Then mix the Biotic Booster and RE-250 to the un-chlorinated water at a rate of 10mls per litre of Booster and 2mls per litre of RE-250. You will then need to let the mixture sit for 20mins to allow the bacteria to multiply.

Once mixed give your lawn a good covering of mixture from your pressure sprayer, and reply every two weeks until your lawn is back to full strength, then apply as needed.