Getting Your Lawn Looking Good For Spring

Getting Your-Lawn-Looking-Good-For-Spring

For most Australian lawn types, the arrival of warmer days marks the start of the “growing” season – but what can you do to ensure that your lawn is looking its best this Spring?

If your plants are the artwork and feature of your garden, then consider your lawn to be the frame. If it’s not in tip top shape, the whole area just doesn’t quite look as it should. Many of us give our fruits, vegetables and flowers regular care and maintenance, but how many of us take the time to do the same for our lawn?  Something like mowing and watering your lawn, regularly, is a great place to start. Here are a few additional tips, to get your lawn looking its best Spring self.

Pick Up The Rake

While commonly used as a method to remove leaves and debris, a good old-fashioned raking will help to find matted patches of grass where the blades are stuck together. This is often caused by a disease known as “snow mould”. Matted patches must be cleared in order to allow new grass to grow and access air. If you notice any ongoing disease problems, a treatment of a foliar protectant like FP-60 can help to guard your lawn against disease.

Fertilise Your Lawn

By fertilising your lawn, you’re allowing lawns root systems to “wake up” after virtually hibernating during the cooler months. It will also encourage your lawn to develop the strength that it needs to manage the stress from the upcoming summer heat. Try an organic and chemical free plant probiotic like Biotic Booster for a safer family alternative.

Aerate your lawn

Aerating your lawn is often overlooked by homeowners but, can be the difference between patchy and a healthy thick lawn. Depending on the size of your lawn, there are options to hire a lawn aerator or you can use a garden fork and some elbow grease. This will help to oxygenate your soil and give new space for your grass roots to grow in to. It will also increase the ability for your grass to take up nutrients.

Top Dressing

Your lawn is hungrier than you may think. It can be difficult to check your soil underneath the grass as it is completely covered. Over time your lawn will break down the organic matter in the soil. Top dressing your lawn before the summer months can increase the underground activity and promote stronger growth.

Address Weeds Early

While many opt to manually pull out weeds by hand, you could be missing any smaller weed growth under the “topcoat”. Known to colonise and dominate many Australian lawns, grass weeds like crowsfoot, crabgrass, oxalis and clovers can easily take over even the most perfectly manicured lawn. A glyphosate-free weed killer like BioWeed is a safe way to keep them under control.


The beginning of spring is a great time of the year to start training your lawn to be less dependent on frequent watering. However, instead of busting out the sprinkler daily, try watering deeper and less often – this will encourage root growth to go deeper into the soil, making your lawn stronger and more tolerant (especially over Summer and soaring temperatures).

It’s That Simple

If you’re still wondering how to get your lawn ready for Spring, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Bioweed. With a team of highly experienced plant and gardening enthusiasts, we’re armed with a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks that can help you to get your lawn and garden looking their very best.