What Are The Benefits Of Keeping Chickens In Your Backyard?


Although keeping chickens is not a new phenomena, a new cohort of “chook whisperers” are popping up all over Aussie backyards – so what’s all the fuss about? 

Whether you opt for free range or an inner city chook terrace, it’s no secret that keeping chickens is a blast. Your flock of pet chickens are an entirely different experience than having a pet cat or dog, and most people are genuinely quite surprised at how affectionate a happy chook can be. With a lifespan averaging eight to ten years, the good news is that chickens are an asset to any home, backyard or garden – and the benefits of keeping chickens goes far beyond a few eggs for breakfast. 

Five Benefits Of Keeping Chickens

If you’re able to provide your flock of chickens with a safe, warm and (reasonably) clean space in your backyard or garden, then you’ll be thrilled with the results in terms of what they give back. 

Fresh Supply Of Eggs – Did you know that chickens start laying eggs as early as 16 weeks of age? There’s something special about knowing exactly where your eggs come from, what the animal is eating and that it’s all chemical and hormone free. 

Organic Insect And Weed Control – Although this might drive you a little bit mad, chickens love nothing more than scratching around the garden or backyard. They’re on the hunt for bugs, worms and other tasty treats, and are also so busy scratching that weeds can’t take hold. 

Natural Fertiliser And Compost – Looking for an organic fertiliser that isn’t loaded with chemicals? Look no further, as your chicken’s manure is the answer. While the fresh stuff is often too rich in nitrogen, try adding it to your backyard compost pile for it to “cool down”. 

Waste Disposal – Other than bugs and wholegrains, keeping chickens is quite easy as they are often happy to eat a lot of our leftovers. Things like food scraps from salads, vegetable peelings, rice, fruits, nuts, and seeds no longer need to be thrown out, and is instead lunch for the gals. 

A Memorable Family Pet – Believe it or not, most chicken enthusiasts will agree that each member of their flock has their own distinct personality. Chickens are regarded as being highly affectionate, and will even jump into your lap for a pat. 

Where To Find More Organic Gardening Tips

Ultimately, keeping chickens in your backyard or garden is just one of the many ways that Aussies are trying to live more sustainably – more of us want to know where our food is coming from, and what is going into it. 

Whether you’re on the hunt for more tips with how to start organic gardening at home, or further insights regarding an alternative for chemical based plant food, fertilisers or weed killers – then it’s always worth speaking to the professionals. 

If you’re keeping chickens at home, it’s important to pay careful attention to the types of gardening products that you are exposing them to, as chemical based fertilisers and pesticides could be a serious cause of concern for your feathered friends. 

Luckily, here at Bioweed we specialise in environmentally friendly gardening products, including herbicides, plant probiotics, and natural alternatives to traditional gardening solutions. Should you have any questions about how to improve the sustainability of your home, garden or agricultural crop, get in touch with us today.