Why Australia Has Embraced Bioweed


There’s not much Aussies love more than a homegrown hero, particularly one just like Bioweed – it’s safer for our families, and better for our environment. 

Over the last few years there has been ever growing concern about the role synthetic inputs have been playing in our day to day lives.  Many households have been making the switch to sustainable and natural products within the home from cleaners to bug spray. The garden is no different, areas where we play, grow food and let our furry friends run around are just as important as inside the house. 

For Australians on the hunt for a glyphosate free and pet friendly weed killer, the options have been limited – and left many with the choice of prioritizing performance over safety. The good news is that a solution has finally hit the market, and it’s been in the making for twenty years. 

Why Bioweed Is The Healthy Way To Spray 

Bioweed is an organic, non selective weed killer that works fast on contact with the weed, in order to rapidly desiccate and burn even the most stubborn of plants. It can be used anywhere around the house including garden beds, veggie patches, paths and driveways, and is safe to use around children, animals and even native wildlife. 

The best part? Bioweed is the brainchild of well established agricultural leaders Greenpro, and is backed by over twenty years of research and development. Owned and manufactured in Australia, the primary ingredient of Bioweed is actually sustainably sourced pine oil, and is even approved by NASAA, ACO and APVMA for use around organic farms and food production.

Just a handful of the key takeaways from using a Bioweed include:

  • Visible symptoms on some weed species after just one hour
  • Organic certification 
  • Controls a wide range of common weeds and grasses
  • Non residual herbicide, breaking down in the soil within 72 hours 
  • Kills both weeds AND their seeds
  • Safe to use around children, pets, vegetables and gardens
  • 100% synthetic chemical free and glyphosate free
  • Owned and produced in Australia

While hand plucking weeds is the easiest, cost-free and efficient method used to prevent a weed infestation – it’s certainly not the most convenient. In comparison, a glyphosate-free weed killer like Bioweed is a safe way to keep them under control. As a non-residual solution, it will break down into the soil in as little as 72 hours and can combat over 200 invasive weed species

The best part? It’s not just exclusive to lawns, and can be used to defend your garden or even pastures against a large variety of foreign invaders, including even the most difficult to exterminate. The reviews speak for themselves – just ask Bioweed customer, Caroline Williams.

“I have an ongoing problem with onion weed and oxalis in my small urban garden. Bioweed allows me to selectively weed safely without upsetting other plants. It has a pleasant pine smell and best of all, it’s a natural product without any nasties – I’m a very satisfied customer!”

Are you on the hunt for a pet friendly weed killer, or simply want to know more about eliminating them safely? Check out other tips and tricks in our online advice forum, or contact us for any further queries.