Autumn Gardening Tips From The Professionals


Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, following Autumn gardening tips will help to ensure that your plants are prepped and ready for the upcoming Winter.

While many of us feel the urge to get planting in Spring, it’s actually the shift of Autumn that should be regarded as a great time to get busy in the yard. It can be difficult for plants to adjust to a new garden bed, and autumn offers the ideal temperature – not too hot like summer, not too cold like winter – to reduce the risk of transplant shock. 

Five Autumn Gardening Tips To Keep Your Plants Happy 

What we Aussies regard as “cold” or “hot” can change dramatically depending on which state you reside in. To ensure that your leafy friends use the time to get comfortable and adapt to the seasonal changes, what are some Autumn gardening tips that you can use to ensure they stay happy? 

Aerate Your Soil – Loosening the soil – known as “aerating” – helps encourage deeper and stronger root growth, and also assists water to penetrate the lower levels. It’s as simple as inserting a garden fork and moving it around the soil, in order to break up any hard clusters. 

Get Mulching – The fine art of mulching helps to retain moisture, keeps weeds at bay, and breaks down over time to improve the quality of your soil via nutrients sourced from the organic matter found in the mulch. In a nutshell, mulch is your garden’s BFF. 

Fertilise Your Lawn – This process ensures that your lawn is in it’s best shape before the winter frosts arrive, and helps to minimise any potential stress associated with the weather changes. Try an organic and chemical free plant probiotic like Biotic Booster for a safer alternative. 

Prune Your Trees – Pruning helps to improve the health and appearance of your plants, and promotes healthy growth. By removing dead or dying branches on hedges and fruit trees, you’re encouraging new growth to get comfortable before the stress of colder weather arrives. 

Transplanting – Moving residences from a pot to a garden bed is a traumatic experience for a plant, no matter the season. However, the risk of them not adapting to their new environment gets worse with colder weather, so ensure you do any moves in Autumn to avoid future pain.

Where To Source Further Autumn Gardening Tips

If you’re ready to take the leap into improving the health of your plants while minimising the use of chemical based fertilisers and plant food this Autumn, then it may be time to try a plant probiotic. Our Ultimate Garden Health Pack includes our Biotic Booster, FP-60 probiotic spray RE-250 Soil Energiser plant probiotic products. In each concentrated bottle, millions of natural bacterias are waiting to find a new home in your garden.

Here at Bioweed, we specialise in environmentally friendly gardening products, including herbicides, plant probiotics, and natural alternatives to traditional gardening solutions. Should you have any questions about how to improve the sustainability of your garden or even what to plant in Autumn, get in touch with us today.