Sourcing A Weed Killer For Lawns


Sourcing the right weed killer for lawns can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack – but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. 

Known to colonise and dominate many Australian lawns, grass weeds can easily blend into the turf and quickly take over your favourite patch of turf. The thing about weeds is that when you find one, there’s sure to be others. This is commonly why most people get overwhelmed at the task at hand, and allow the invaders to get comfortable in their garden or lawn. 

Another reason why lawn weeds can easily get away on you is that people simply don’t realise that they are in fact a weed, as the plants can easily blend in with other components of the turf. While many of us are just happy to even have a lush, green lawn in the height of the Australian summer, the ideal lawn should have at most one or two species of grass in order to achieve a consistent and aesthetic greenspace. If you’re noticing some inconspicuous residents in your turf, then there’s a high chance that you’ve already got some foreign lawn weeds making themselves at home. 

Preventing The Need For Weed Killer For Lawns 

Like most things gardening related, prevention is often easier to tackle than treatment. Much like other plants, the healthier your lawn is – the less likely that weeds are going to make themselves comfortable in it. 

Mowing – Believe it or not, the easiest and best way to control weeds in your lawn is be mowing consistently. Grass loves a good cut and consistent mowing will help the lawn grow thicker and stronger. Most broadleaf weeds do not like to be continually mowed so over a short period you can get them out naturally!

Pick Up The Rake – While commonly used as a method to remove leaves and debris, a good old fashioned raking will help to find matted patches of grass where the blades are stuck together. This is often caused by a disease known as “snow mould”. Matted patches must be cleared in order to allow new grass to grow and access air. 

Fertilise Your Lawn – By fertilising your lawn, you’re allowing the nutrients and microbes to “wake up” after virtually hibernating during the cooler months. It will also encourage your lawn to develop the strength that it needs to make it through the stress brought on by the heat of the upcoming summer. If your lawn is well fed, weeds will have little space to pop up. Try an organic and chemical free plant food like Biotic Booster for a safer family alternative. 

Hydration – The cusp of spring is a great time of the year to start training your lawn to be less-dependent on frequent watering. However, instead of busting out the sprinkler daily, try watering deeper and less often – this will encourage root growth to go deeper into the soil, making your lawn stronger and more tolerant (especially over Summer and soaring temperatures). 

Unfortunately, if the damage is already done and you’ve missed the prevention boat, then it’s time to source a weed killer for lawns. However, many people make the mistake of accidentally burning or damaging the grass that they are actually trying to protect – so how do you get it right?  

Using An Eco Friendly Weed Killer For Lawns

It’s important not to undo all of your hard work that’s been put into getting your lawn fluffy and green. While it can be hard to know which chemical-based weed killers may also damage your turf, your pets or even your family, the good news is that there is a safer alternative now on the market. 

While hand plucking weeds is a cost-free and easy method used to prevent a weed infestation – it’s certainly not the most convenient. In comparison, a glyphosate-free weed killer like Bioweed is a safe way to keep them under control. As a non-residual solution, it will break down into the soil in as little as 72 hours and can combat over 200 invasive weed species.It is important to remember that Bioweed is a non selective weed killer so spot spraying is required. The best part? It’s not just exclusive to lawns, and can be used to defend your garden or even pastures against a large variety of foreign invaders.

After all, what’s the point of a well-manicured lawn if you can’t stop and feel the grass between your toes from time to time? Now that you have all of the insights required in order to keep the local turf weeds under control, there’s no reason why you can’t.

With a team of highly experienced plant and gardening enthusiasts, the team at Bioweed are armed with a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks that can help you to get your lawn and garden looking their very best. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’re looking for further organic gardening solutions.