Why Swap To An Electric Weed Sprayer


If you’ve already made the swap to chemical free weed killer solution Bioweed, opting for an electric weed sprayer for your garden is the next logical step.

Bioweed is the brainchild of well established agricultural leaders Greenpro, and is backed by over twenty years of research and development. Owned and manufactured in Australia, the primary ingredient of Bioweed is actually sustainably sourced pine oil, and is approved by NASAA, ACO and APVMA for use around organic farms and food production.

Bioweed is an organic, non selective weed killer that works fast on contact with the weed, in order to rapidly desiccate and burn even the most stubborn of plants. It can be used anywhere around the house including garden beds, veggie patches, paths and driveways, and is safe to use around children, animals and even native wildlife. 

Not only have Greenpro mastered an environmentally friendly way to combat weeds in Australian gardens, pastures and crops, but they’ve also managed to pioneer eco friendly plant food and probiotics. If it isn’t obvious already, the team at Bioweed and Greenpro are passionate about the environment, and encouraging Aussies to do the same. 

However, the team behind Bioweed are fully conscious of the fact that opting for a safer way to spray shouldn’t mean sacrificing comfort or convenience. If the 750ml spray bottle isn’t quite up to the standards that you require to address the weeds popping up in your home, garden, crop or pasture, it may be time to consider swapping to an electric weed sprayer. 

Benefits Of Using An Electric Weed Sprayer 

When it comes to eliminating weeds from your lawn, garden or just about anywhere on your property, garden sprayers offer the best method currently available. They allow you to control the method of delivery, level of spray, and even the distance at which you can deliver weed killing chemicals to your lawn or garden. 

The good news is that there are multiple types of sprayers out there that can be used. A liquid sprayer often comes in several varieties, as there are many types of weed killing liquids out there. Sprayer calibration is also important, as you want a fine spray in some areas while a more coarse, drenching spray in areas where there are a lot of weeds. However, even the most effective weed sprayers can become laboursome, heavy or just plain inconvenient, which is where the perks of opting for an electric weed sprayer come into play. 

Boost Productivity – With the absence of having to physically pump the weed sprayer, tackling those pesky plant invaders gets a whole lot easier when deploying an electric weed sprayer. While less labour intensive, they also allow users to get the job done faster. 

Maintain Consistency – Most electric weed sprayers come with a variety of nozzles including cone, dual spray and fan spray. The battery powered electric spray options allow users to maintain a consistent spray without having to stop and start the process to pump. 

Environmentally Friendly – When compared to alternatives like petrol powered weed sprayers, using an electric option is not only quieter, but better for the environment – particularly if they use rechargeable lithium batteries. 

Sourcing An Electric Weed Sprayer 

While hand plucking weeds may be the cheapest method used to prevent a weed infestation – it’s certainly not the most efficient or convenient. In comparison, a glyphosate-free weed killer like Bioweed is a safe way to keep them under control. 

To make the process even easier, the team at Bioweed have produced their very own electric weed spraying products. Say goodbye to the hand-operated spray bottles of yesterday with the Bioweed rechargeable electric spray bottle. Versatile and ergonomic, simply charge via the USB cable for hours of continual effortless spray.

If you have a larger area to cover, such as your garden, crop or pasture, the 15L Electric Freestanding Backpack Sprayer may be the better choice. Designed to make spraying easier than ever, the durable and modernised design has a  one-touch continuous spray, and comes with an anti-slip grip for maximum comfort after a long time of usage.

Are you on the hunt for a safer way to spray? Check out other tips and tricks in our online advice forum, or contact us for any further queries.