Your Guide To Natural Plant Foods and Probiotics


While plant probiotics might sound like gardening buzz words, how do these types of products differ from traditional fertilisers and why should you try them?

When we “feed” our plants, they are encouraged to produce more fruit or flowers, are able to better fend off pests and diseases, and build up a better resistance to drought, frost and other adverse weather patterns. Traditional fertilisers generally contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – nutrients that our plants need that are usually found within soil. 

However, most of our plants have been “domesticated”. Generally their roots are restricted in pots, the soil we use may not actually be soil (peat and coil mixes), and little to no beneficial microbes that are generally found in the ground. The latter is particularly important, as without these your plant may not be able to process the fertiliser that you are giving them. While they are generally found and produced in natural and organic matter, the good news is that there is an alternative when it comes to introducing all the “good stuff” to your garden. 

Why Natural Plant Food and Probiotic Usage Is On The Rise 

By using a natural plant food and probiotic, you are effectively reintroducing these natural microbes in an organic and chemical free manner. We use probiotics like yogurts, pickled vegetables, kombucha and kefir to promote gut health in humans – so why wouldn’t we do the same for our plants?

Plant probiotics include the three major “building blocks” for healthy soil are considered to be the “NPP” triad, or Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. These natural plant boosters are not only a necessity for any healthy garden ecosystem, but they also help to stimulate the following:

Nitrogen – Responsible for leaf growth. Nitrogen is essential for producing proteins and chlorophyll and it’s very important to give plants the right amount. Signs of a deficiency include yellow or pale green leaves, or stunted growth. 

Phosphorus – Responsible for root and shoot growth, along with flower or fruit development. Signs of a deficiency include darkening around the edges of the plant’s leaves, and small or absent flowers.

Potassium – Responsible for the plant’s internal systems, or regulating it’s “breathing”. Signs of a deficiency include brown spots on the leaves, brown or yellow veins, or yellowing edges. Makes plants more susceptible to drought and disease. 

There are also no risks involved like potentially burning your plants via added chemicals, as plant probiotics are entirely organic. The probiotics include minerals and vitamins traditionally found in natural soil, so there’s no “nasties” in your water run off, and pests and disease are kept at bay – chemical free. Thankfully, the “good” bacteria found in plant probiotics is readily available if you know where to look. 

Where To Buy Plant Food and Probiotics In Australia 

Over the last few years there has been ever growing concern about the role synthetic inputs have been playing in our day to day lives.  Many households have been making the switch to sustainable and natural products within the home from cleaners to bug spray. The garden is no different, areas where we play, grow food and let our furry friends run around are just as important as inside the house.

As a result, Australian made plant foods and probiotics like Biotic Booster, FP-60 Probiotic Spray, and RE-250 Soil Energiser are the proud products of well established agricultural leaders Greenpro, and are backed by over twenty years of research and development. In fact, the team at Greenpro and Bioweed specialise in organic solutions, to ensure that your garden reaches its full potential the natural way. If it isn’t obvious already, the team at Bioweed and Greenpro are passionate about the environment, and encouraging Aussies to do the same. 

While the Ultimate Garden Health Pack includes Biotic Booster, FP-60 Probiotic Spray, and RE-250 Soil Energiser – what do these products actually do, and what’s the difference?

Biotic Booster – Biotic Booster provides the perfect boost for your garden and soil to improve natural tolerance to heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases. Each bottle includes a special blend of humics, fulvic humus and seaweed extract, all working to provide vigorous and healthy plant growth with enhanced flowering and root system development.

FP-60 Probiotic Spray – FP-60 is a plant probiotic in spray form, that works wonders for increasing the good bacteria in your garden. There are billions of bacteria in each bottle of FP-60, primarily Bacillus S. This bacteria will naturally fix overused or imbalanced soil, while still creating natural barriers to harmful bacteria, fungus and diseases. 

RE-250 Soil Energiser – RE-250 will energise and enhance the quality of your soil with a unique strain of bacteria for even greater results in your garden. RE-250 can help the roots release valuable micronutrients that otherwise would be locked in the soil, which in turn increases photosynthesis, or a plant’s ability to convert sunlight into energy. 

Based on the Sunshine Coast, our range has been embraced by people from all walks of life right around Australia – so will you be the next person to join the gardening revolution?