Using Biotic Booster In Your Garden


On the hunt for a way to improve the overall health of your garden in a chemical free fashion? It’s time that you became better acquainted with Biotic Booster. 

When we ‘feed’ our plants, they are encouraged to produce more fruit or flowers, are able to better fend off pests and diseases, and build up a better resistance to drought, frost and other adverse weather patterns. Plant food and other fertilisers generally contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – nutrients that our plants need that are usually found within soil. 

However, most of our plants have been ‘domesticated’. Generally their roots are restricted in pots, the soil we use may not actually be soil (peat and coil mixes), and little to no beneficial microbes that are generally found in the ground. The latter is particularly important, as without these your plant may not be able to process the fertiliser or plant food that you are giving them. They are generally found and produced in natural and organic matter. 

Natural plant foods like Biotic Booster aren’t just safer for your garden – they’re safer for you. There are no risks involved like potentially burning your plants via added chemicals, as our Biotic Boosters are entirely organic. They include minerals and vitamins traditionally found in natural soil, so there’s no ‘nasties’ in your water run off, and pests and disease are kept at bay – chemical free. 

What Is Biotic Booster?

An organic, chemical free product like Biotic Booster has the unique ability to increase your soils cation exchange capacity (CEC). This is what we refer to as the soil’s ability to hold on to the nutrients that are vital for your plant’s growth and overall health. Biotic Booster is able to kickstart your plant’s CEC, as it’s packed full of nutrients like humic acids, fulvic acids and seaweed extract. 

Humic acids are a group of molecules that reside within the root systems of your plants. They play a very important role in the uptake of nutrients and water, and are more or less known as the link between the soil and your plants root systems. Humic acids are also attracted to the poorer zones of a plant’s root system, and help to increase overall productivity of the root system. Higher levels of humic acid have shown to dramatically increase the yield of your plants.

Along with humic acids, fulvic acid also increases the plants ability to take up nutrients. These are smaller molecules which can be absorbed by the plant, and in turn be used throughout the plant. They are able to hold onto nutrients in even the sandiest of soils, and prevent the nutrients leaching away – benefiting both your plants and the environment. Fulvic acids play a pivotal role in making the soil more porous and aerobic, leading to better drainage and deeper root growth. Both humic and fulvic acid can combine minerals to make them into organic matter, which in turn can be easily ingested by plants.

The seaweed extract in Biotic Booster will give the humic and fulvic acids nutrients for the plant to absorb. Seaweed extract contains soluble levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, along with trace elements and amino acids that are all needed for healthy plant functions. Seaweed extract also contains plant hormone regulators that increase the plants ability to grow faster and stronger.

The Benefits Of Biotic Booster

Apart from the CEC process, the three major “building blocks” for healthy soil are considered to be the “NPK” triad, or Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. 

  • Nitrogen – Responsible for leaf growth. Signs of a deficiency include yellow or pale green leaves, or stunted growth. 
  • Phosphorus – Responsible for root and shoot growth, along with flower or fruit development. Signs of a deficiency include darkening around the edges of the plant’s leaves, and small or absent flowers. 
  • Potassium – Responsible for the plant’s internal systems, or regulating it’s “breathing”. Signs of a deficiency include brown spots on the leaves, brown or yellow veins, or yellowing edges. Makes plants more susceptible to drought and disease. 

Without these key ingredients in the soil, you’re setting your plants up for a short shelf life – and Biotic Booster can help to unlock this magical pyramid of plant health. 

The benefits of Biotic Booster can be seen on all stages of a plant’s growth cycle, from seedlings right through to fully grown trees. Pair with RE-250 Soil Energiser for supercharged results, which can help to – 

  • Promotes soil health
  • Facilitates nutrient uptake
  • Stimulates strong root growth
  • Provides nitrogen fixation
  • Promotes other beneficial microorganisms
  • Increases resistance to heat, frost, pests and diseases
  • Increase beneficial microbial activity in soil

Where To Buy Biotic Booster

Over the last few years there has been ever growing concern about the role synthetic inputs have been playing in our day to day lives.  Many households have been making the switch to sustainable and natural products within the home from cleaners to bug spray. The garden is no different, areas where we play, grow food and let our furry friends run around are just as important as inside the house.

As a result, Biotic Booster is the brainchild of well established agricultural leaders Greenpro, and is backed by over twenty years of research and development. In fact, the team at Greenpro and Bioweed specialise in organic solutions, to ensure that your garden reaches its full potential the natural way. 

Our range of products such as Biotic Booster are all chemical free, and are providing Australians with safer products to use both in their gardens and in their homes. Based on the Sunshine Coast, our range has been embraced by people from all walks of life right around Australia – so will you be the next person to join the gardening revolution?