Preparing Your Garden For Spring


With spring seemingly just around the corner, now is the time to get your garden ready for the upcoming season – but where should you get started?

Depending on where you live and what the local climate is like, there’s a fair chance that your garden may look like it’s gone on strike during winter and the cooler months – your lawn might be looking a little drab, the leaves may have fallen off the trees, and there doesn’t appear to be much action happening in terms of germination. 

However, this dormant period is normal, and is part survival mechanism and part housekeeping. Your leafy friends are actually quite busy under the surface, and are doing their bit to start preparing for the warmer days that lie ahead. Can the same be said for you?

Five Tips On Getting Your Garden Ready For Spring 

Whether you want to have a bumper veggie patch haul, wish to encourage a kaleidoscope of flowers, or simply want to do your best to keep your lawn happy, preparation is key when it comes to giving your garden it’s best shot. While there’s always minor tweaks to be made in order to assist our leafy friends reach their finest form, the good news is that the fundamental ones aren’t all that difficult to get on top of. 

Do A Spring Clean – It can be tempting to leave dead or dying plants where they are for the moment and clear up what’s left of them once it warms up. However, by doing so you’ll be lending a helping hand to many pests who will happily feast on this smorgasbord, and in turn your plants. This organic material can also be added to your compost pile, so don’t waste it. 

Start Pruning – Pruning helps to improve the health and appearance of your plants, and promotes healthy growth. By removing leggy growth, or dead or dying branches on hedges and fruit trees, you’re encouraging new growth to get comfortable, allowing new shoots and buds all the space and light they need to get going for spring and summer. 

Boost Your Soil – People take multivitamins to keep themselves in tip top shape, so your garden deserves the same – but can you do it without synthetic chemicals? By adding organic plant food to nourish the soil such as Biotic Booster, you’re giving the soil an extra dose of nutrients and microbes to ensure that it’s as healthy as possible before planting. 

Add Organic Matter – The fine arts that are mulching and composting work wonders when it comes to moisture retention and keeping weeds at bay. Ultimately, organic matter breaks down over time to improve the quality of your soil via nutrients sourced from natural substances. Mulch also stops the top of the soil drying out, and can reduce watering by up to 60%.

Get Planting – Once you’re sure that you’ve seen the last of the winter frosts or chills, it’s time to start planting right before springtime arrives. Whether you want a guide on how to plant flowers, or what the best fruits and vegetables are depending on your climate, the good news is that preparing in advance will ensure your garden has it’s best shot at success for spring. 

Preparing-Your-Garden-For-Spring3 (1)

When it comes to getting your garden ready for spring, Bioweed agronomist and professional soil doctor Nick Sell says that it’s crucial not to jump the gun, and start planting before your garden bed has time to absorb the good stuff that you’ve just added.

“Try to avoid the temptation of planting your garden at the first sign of a warm day – if you work the soil when it’s too wet, you’ll risk losing all of its natural air pockets and your seeds will suffocate and rot. While you’re waiting, you can research and decide on what you’re actually going to grow in your garden. Jump online and have a look at a planting calendar, which will dictate what’s going to grow best during spring in your climate.” 

Boosting Your Garden For Spring 

Do your plants – and yourself – a favour, and give them a head start by optimising your soil prior to planting. By adding chemical free plant food like Biotic Booster, this will help your garden to: 

  • Provide essential nutrients and microbes 
  • Act as a liquid fertiliser to unlock your soil’s potential 
  • Drought proof your plants and lower water consumption
  • Increase and speed up the germination process
  • Assist in protecting your plants from pests and diseases 
  • Provide an organic solution that’s safe to use with herbs, fruit and veggies

If you’re ready to take the leap into improving the health of your plants while minimising the use of chemical based fertilisers and plant food this Spring, then it may be time to try a plant probiotic. Our Ultimate Garden Health Pack includes our Biotic Booster, FP-60 Probiotic Spray and RE-250 Soil Energiser plant probiotic products. In each concentrated bottle, millions of natural bacterias are waiting to find a new home in your garden.

Here at Bioweed, we specialise in environmentally friendly gardening products, including herbicides, plant probiotics, and natural alternatives to traditional gardening solutions. Should you have any questions about how to improve the sustainability of your garden or even what to plant in Spring, get in touch with us today.