Invincible Indoor Plants For Home Offices


If you’re dabbling with the idea of introducing indoor plants to your home office, then here’s our top picks for low maintenance and easy to care for additions.

Considering that many of us are spending more time inside than ever before, it comes as no surprise that many of us are trying to do our best to brighten up the same walls that are doubling as our workspaces, recreation centres, entertainment precincts, and of course, sleeping quarters. As a result, it’s fair to say that two of the most trending topics we’ve come across this year are the challenges of working from home, and a growing national obsession with indoor plants. While the latter is of course a great way to brighten up any room, keeping plants indoors can do more for you than just look good. 

If you’re feeling stressed right now, don’t worry – you’re definitely not the only one. Just about anyone can make sitting at their computer in their home office feel a bit calmer, with the help of one little plant. In fact, just a handful of the proven health benefits include the removal of air pollution, toxins and allergens, stress reduction, a boost to productivity and creativity, and assistance in balancing humidity levels.

However, this all hinges on your ability to keep them alive for longer than a week. When sourcing indoor plants that are suitable for home offices, many of us need varieties that are relatively easy to care for and don’t require all that much of our attention – so what are your options?

Seven Low Maintenance Varieties For Indoor Plants 

It’s important to note that even the most tolerant of indoor plant species need access to a few of the basics: water, sunlight, drainage, pest control, and plant food. While some are generally easier to care for than others, be sure to match your indoor plants to the climate in which you live, or the conditions that they can expect to face in your home environment. 

English Ivy – If you have an empty space on a bookshelf, then these easy going climbers are known to get comfortable very quickly indoors. With the right light, water, and care, it can be one of the most beautiful indoor plants, excelling in containers and cascading from hanging baskets whilst never getting out of hand.

Yucca – If you’re on the hunt for a larger species of indoor plant to add to one of the corners of your home office, then a yucca plant may be your winner. Thankfully, the recipe for keeping a yucca happy is relatively easy: sun, sun, and more sun. Plant in a container deep enough to balance the top-heavy woody stems and water sparingly.

Peperomia – The leaves of this rather cute looking indoor plant hold water well, meaning they can bounce back from occasional missed waterings if you’re time poor. Peperomia plants can handle just about any light level, so you can keep them on a sunny windowsill, on your office desk or even tucked away on a shelf.

Monstera Deliciosa – In its natural South American habitat, these fan favourites can grow up to twenty metres tall. Usually growing as an understorey plant in rainforests, Monstera attaches itself to trees by aerial roots as it scrambles through the canopy. However, in homes around Australia, the ‘swiss cheese plant’ grows at a much slower scale.

Aspidistra – If lush, leafy greens are what you’re after but you’re not too good at actually keeping them green, Aspidistra is the desk plant for you. Also known as the ‘cast-iron’ plant, Aspidistra plants are virtually indestructible, able to survive on very little sunlight and water – perfect for offices with poor natural light and rookie gardeners alike. 

Jade Plant – The easy going jade plant is a popular good luck charm in Asia thought to activate financial energies, so if you’re in any way, shape or form superstitious, this literal money tree makes a worthy addition to any home office. Jade retains water in its round leaves, so it can survive for more than a month without any attention whatsoever.

Philodendron – Known for its heart-shaped leaves and trailing vines, philodendrons are particularly fitting for indoor settings because of their ability to filter gaseous toxins from the air. When this hardy indoor plant is happy – which isn’t a difficult task – it’s known to be a ferocious grower and can reach vine lengths of up to three metres long. 


When on the hunt for easy to care for indoor plants for your home office, try to avoid varieties that are temperature sensitive and are less adaptable to air conditioning such as ferns. Species that require more water than the average are also usually not ideal, particularly if you’re a busy working professional with not enough time on your hands.

Caring For Your Indoor Plants Chemical Free

While there is a wide range of solutions available on the market for outdoor plants and gardens, our indoor varieties can suffer due to poor soil health that stems from living in a confined space. As a unique liquid soil conditioner, Indoor Plant Booster is a plant food that’s perfect to keep your indoor and potted plants in tip top shape, including those that reside in pots, hanging baskets, and even those nestled on the verandah. 

An organic, chemical free product like Indoor Plant Booster has the unique ability to increase your soils cation exchange capacity (CEC). This is what we refer to as the soil’s ability to hold on to the nutrients that are vital for your plant’s growth and overall health. Indoor Plant Booster is able to kickstart your plant’s CEC, as it’s packed full of nutrients like humic acids, fulvic acids and seaweed extract. 

If you’re ready to give Indoor Plant Booster a try and introduce it to the flora that you share your home with, be sure to water your plants thoroughly beforehand to assist with absorption. For best results, simply pour the recommended amount directly onto the soil, ideally around the base of the plant.

At Bioweed, we specialise in organic solutions to ensure that your garden reaches its full potential the natural way. Our range of products, such as Indoor Plant Booster, are all chemical free, and are providing Australians with safer products to use both in their gardens and in their homes. Based on the Sunshine Coast, our range has been embraced by people from all walks of life, and are backed with twenty years of research and industry knowledge.