Six Gardening Gifts For Green Thumbs


With Christmas just around the corner, gardening gifts are a great way to encourage a passion for plants for seasoned veterans and beginners alike.

Thanks to science, we know that gardening is good for us. There’s a certain kind of magic associated with quite literally reaping what you sow, and knowing that your direct actions help plants come to life. While other surprising health benefits associated with gardening include cardiovascular health, improving self esteem, reducing stress and anxiety, providing a bonding family activity, boosting Vitamin D levels and access to healthy food, it should come as no surprise that the number of people who identify as hobby gardeners are on the rise.

If you have a loved one that has recently been converted to the national gardening craze, it’s only natural that you might like to incorporate this hobby into their Christmas present. While gift wrapping a new indoor plant or seedling to put under the tree for Christmas morning isn’t the most practical option, the good news is that there are a wide variety of gardening gifts to consider that don’t involve resorting to a Bunnings gift card.

Our Gardening Gifts Guide For Christmas 

As an agronomist, Bioweed team member Nick Sell is all too familiar with the world of gardening gifts. From books to seed packs, even from childhood his Christmas presents have usually been something related to the world of plants. His advice to shoppers this silly season is to put some thought into it before you grab a cheap stocking filler. 

“If you’ve got a member of your family or friendship circle that’s really passionate about gardening, try to subtly ask them what it is about this hobby that they love so much. For some people, they get a kick out of harvesting food out of their own veggie patch, while for others, they love the aesthetics that indoor plants bring to their home. If you’re on a mission to purchase gardening gifts this year, make sure that they are relevant to the type of gardening that the recipient is actually into.” 

If you’re stuck for ideas on gardening gifts that are relatively non-perishable and are wrapping paper friendly, we’ve collected a few of our tried and true favourites that are sure to be crowd pleasers on Christmas morning. 

Harvesting Basket – Do you know a special someone who had their first crack at a veggie patch this year? Forget about them trying to carry their fruits of their labour indoors with a plastic bag or old sheet, as a harvesting basket makes for a great gift that ensures vegetables, herbs and even eggs stay in good condition while they’re transported into the kitchen from outside. 

Upcycled Pots – Christmas gifts can put a dent into any wallet, but giving an old pot new life can be a budget friendly yet incredibly thoughtful gift to any budding gardener. Whether you purchase a new pot or find a treasure at your nearest op shop, personalising one with a coat of paint and sealant can be a colourful addition to indoor and outdoor garden areas. 

A Loveseat – The humble loveseat gets its name from the idea that a couple can share it, sitting very close together. Usually made of timber, they are one of the most romantic gardening gifts which can ensure that couples share the magic of a garden, even if one half isn’t the biggest fan of maintaining it or as passionate about the process. 

Watering Globes – Depending on their size, watering globes can provide an easy to use hydration system for up to two weeks. Along with adding character to an indoor plant collection, they’re also a handy gift for someone who’s on the road a lot or is expecting to be away from home for a few weeks over the summer holidays. 

Outdoor Hat – One of the pitfalls of a gardening habit is the potentially negative sun exposure that the hobby can induce. For big and little kids alike, gifting an outdoor hat for gardening is a practical yet stylish present that most people wouldn’t even think of. They’re also incredibly useful for keeping hairs out of the recipient’s face while busy in their patch of dirt. 

Kids Gardening Packs – One of the more wholesome gardening gifts you can buy for the smaller members of your family include a Parents & Kids Gardening Kit. As gardening is a healthy outlet to get children outside and interested in how things grow, the kit includes a child-friendly tool set plus a garden bag for parents to safely transport the tools around the yard. 

If someone you love is in the early days of exploring a gardening hobby and are looking to keep their plants healthy with little to no maintenance, aim to embrace forward thinking and proactive measures instead of reactive ones, especially when it comes to things like watering, weeding, fertilising and tackling pests. It all starts with looking after the soil, and in December, doing so can also put you in the draw to win big. 

How To Win Free Christmas Gifts With Bioweed 

Here at Bioweed, we specialise in environmentally friendly gardening products, including herbicides, plant food and plant probiotics, and natural alternatives to traditional gardening solutions. As the brainchild of well established agricultural leaders greenPRO, all Bioweed products are backed by over twenty years of research and development. 

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Whether you’re looking to take the leap into improving the health of your plants, minimise the use of chemical based fertilisers and plant food, or even just want some quality gardening advice, get in touch with us today and we’ll show you a safer way to spray.