Visit Us At The Queensland Garden Expo


As a must do for gardening enthusiasts and rookie green thumbs alike, the team at Bioweed are proud to be attending the annual 2022 Queensland Garden Expo. 

Did you know that nursery production ranks third behind fruits, vegetables and sugar in contributing to the overall value of horticulture in Queensland? While the supply of these plants often goes to professional landscapers in both residential and commercial settings, individual Queensland gardeners also make up a large portion of this cohort. 

Make no mistake, Queenslanders love their plants. In 1991, a highly unusual study conducted by the Australian Bureau Of Statistics found that on average, the Australian backyard produced a whopping 70.4kg of vegetables and 48.9kg of fruits every year, with Queensland leading the way. While our gardens may not be as productive as they once were, two years of stay at home orders saw gardening return as the preferred hobby for thousands of people. 

With the 2022 Queensland Garden Expo set to run across three glorious days in July, the team at Bioweed couldn’t be more excited to meet the state’s growing community of gardeners and hear all about their many soil based endeavours in person. 

What’s On At The 2022 Queensland Garden Expo 

Held in the Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Nambour between Friday 8 July and Sunday 10 July, this three day extravaganza has long been regarded as Queensland’s premier gardening event. Attracting visitors from all over Australia, some of the nation’s leading gardening experts will be on hand to partake in three days of lectures, demonstrations and workshops.

The Sunshine Coast Branch of the Nursery & Garden Industry Queensland Limited held the inaugural Queensland Gardening Expo almost thirty-seven years ago, with the aim of providing the general public with expert advice and information on a range of gardening subjects in an enjoyable and accessible format.

While the first event was held all the way back in 1985, its initial structure was vastly different to what the Expo is today. In its early years, the Queensland Gardening Expo was a one day event that featured thirty exhibitors, roughly three hundred visitors, five workshops and a plant clinic to diagnose potential issues faced by gardeners. Guided by a dedicated group of volunteers, the event quickly grew over the ensuing years to become the three day festival like environment that it now is today.

Involvement from all aspects of the horticultural industry ensures that the Queensland Gardening Expo is a well rounded event with colourful, educational and aesthetic exhibits. Aiming to make certain that the 40,000 or so visitors get real value for their money in addition to expert advice and first hand knowledge of the gardening industry, Bioweed is thrilled to be one of the many exhibitors present at the 2022 Queensland Gardening Expo. 

According to Bioweed agronomist Nick Sell, the team have already started the preparations, and couldn’t be more excited to get out there and meet Queensland’s growing gardening community. 

“I think it’s fair to say that we’ve all had a pretty rough few years, and for a lot of people, getting into the garden and forming a connection with the land has helped them to keep their stress levels under control. We love nothing more than to speak to families who’ve experimented with their very first veggie patch, people who have made the most of their space by filling their apartments with indoor plants, and providing guidance to a growing number of Aussies who are turning away from chemical based products.”

For Queenslanders on the hunt for a safer way to spray or eco-friendly plant food products, the team at Bioweed will be on hand for the full three days of the Queensland Garden Expo. With certified organic products, Nick and the team are itching to get out there and speak to the gardening community about what challenges they’ve faced, what successes they’ve had, and why sharing a love of gardening inevitably brings people together.

Gardening The Way Nature Intended 

Australians care about what they put into their bodies, and what types of products they bring into their homes. Even if you don’t share your abode with pets or kids, opting for eco-friendly gardening products is a way to minimise our impact on the world around us. 

With a team of highly experienced plant and gardening enthusiasts, the team at Sunshine Coast based Bioweed are armed with a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks that can help you to get your lawn and garden looking their very best. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’re looking for further organic gardening solutions.