Five Influential Australian Gardeners

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While the number of Australian gardeners seems to be growing by the day, there are a handful of individuals that wield enormous influence on the industry. 

Taking on a new hobby is often sparked by a surge of inspiration – sometimes it’s from books, sometimes it’s from blogs. Even once you’ve gotten the hang of it, most of us continue the educational process by gathering information from people who are more experienced than us, and gardening is no exception. 

Given that many of us have spent two years being stuck at home, it should come as no surprise that a whole new generation of green thumbs have taken on gardening as a passion. Some prefer cultivating a native garden to attract more birds, while others opt for vegetable patches to keep both kids and the cost of living at manageable levels. 

Either way, as a nation we’ve managed to produce more than our fair share of famous Australian gardeners that enthusiasts have come to admire and respect – so who are a few of our most noteworthy?

Our Most Famous Australian Gardeners

Although the concept of reality television has certainly changed when compared to the early days, many lifestyle programs focussed on gardening for at least one segment. With iconic Australian shows such as ‘The Block’, ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ and ‘Gardening Australia’ being present on our screens for a number of years, these programs managed to catapult a handful of select Australian gardeners to fame and fortune. 

Jamie Durie – After shooting to fame thanks to starring in lifestyle programs ‘Backyard Blitz’ and ‘House Rules’, Jamie Durie OAM is one of Australia’s most recognisable horticulturists. In addition, his resume also includes titles such as landscape designer, furniture designer, television host, television producer, and author of eleven books on landscape architecture, garden design and lifestyle. 

Peter Cundall – As the host of ABC TV’s ‘Gardening Australia’ for eighteen years, Peter Cundall was a much loved Tasmanian broadcaster and gardening identity. In addition to his passionate conservation work, Cundall also answered gardening questions on radio talkback from the late 1960s until his death in late 2021 at 94. Although British by birth, Cundall is remembered as one of the most influential Australian gardeners to ever grace our screens. 

Graham Ross – Graham Ross AM is an Australian horticulturist, author, television presenter and radio presenter. In 2011 he was presented with London’s Royal Horticultural Society’s Veitch Memorial Medal in recognition of his contribution to gardening and horticulture in Australia, but most of us know him as a veteran host on ‘Better Homes And Gardens’ and for his bubbly yet extremely knowledgeable disposition. 

Jane Edmanson – Famous for her no-nonsense tone, Jane Edmanson has been heavily involved both in front of the camera and behind the scenes of ‘Gardening Australia’ for over thirty years. As a firm believer in a daily dose of gardening as an antidote to the toxic side effects of our overscheduled, technological, modern lifestyle, Jane has also published five gardening books, and received the Order Of Australia honour in 2004. 

Costa Georgiadis – As a second generation Australian of Greek descent, Costa Georgiadis is a Logie winning landscape architect and television presenter. From 2009 to 2011, he presented SBS’s ‘Costa’s Garden Odyssey’, a programme that explored the relationship between gardening, sustainability, and spirituality. Following this, ABC announced that Georgiadis would replace Stephen Ryan as the host of Gardening Australia. 

If you’re passionate about gardening and regularly look to the most famous Australian gardeners for advice, you’re not alone. However, even the experts deliver mixed messages about common best practices, but they do all agree on one thing: healthy soil equates to happy plants. 

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