Indoor Flowering Plants

Indoor Flowering Plants

At Bioweed we are huge fans of all indoor plants, including the classics like fiddle leaf figs, monsteras, and snake plants, but we also think that sometimes you need to add a splash of colour to your house with some indoor flowering plants.

Six Indoor Flowering Plants That We Think You Will Love

Adding some indoor flowering plants to your house is a perfect way to liven up your living area. Although it might seem daunting that you need to care for one well enough to make sure that it will flower, it is not as tricky as you might think. And the payoff is well worth it! It is such a great feeling having all your work rewarded by seeing the gorgeous colours and hues of your flowers. Below are some of our favourite indoor flowering plants we think would make a great addition to your house.

Peace lily (Spathiphyllum)

Without a doubt, the peace lily is one of the most popular choices for anyone with a green thumb, and it is easy to see why. Everything from the shade of the leaves to the colour of the flowers to the texture of the bud is mesmerising and iconic. If you haven’t already got one, this would make a great new addition to your home.

Moth orchid (phalaenopsis orchids)

Moth orchids are great choices for plant lovers as well. When they flower, they offer us a beautiful mix of pinks, purples, yellows, and whites. The stunning shades of these colours make them a great addition to any house.

Flamingo flower (Anthurium andreanum)

Flamingo flowers are one of the most eye-grabbing flowers you will ever see. When they flower, their yellow buds stick upright and the colour pops against a vibrant red below it. They also don’t need much water.


These little plants love to be in a well-lit area as long as it isn’t direct sunlight. When they flower, they show off their beautiful colours. And as a bonus, their flowers are even shaped like butterflies!

Zygocactus (schlumbergera)

These are one of my favourites. The Zygocactus looks like it’s somewhere between a cottage flower and a succulent. Preferring regular watering and indirect bright sunlight, their unique looks and dazzling flowers make them a must have.


Bromeliads are great plants that look almost prehistoric. They like it best when they can spend their time in the sunlight — as long as it isn’t direct — and rarely get thirsty. They can flower in stunning yellows, pinks, and oranges.

The Importance Of Using A Plant Booster

After a while, most of the soil we are using will no longer provide all the essential nutrients required for optimum growth. One way to ensure that your indoor flowering plants are getting everything they need is by using a plant booster.

Feeding your plants something that promotes both plant and soil health while increasing their protection from heat, drought, frosts, pests, and diseases is a must have if you want to see the plants in your house thrive.

Where To Source Indoor Plant Food and Probitoics 

While there is a wide range of solutions available on the market for outdoor plants and gardens, our indoor varieties can suffer due to poor soil health that stems from living in a confined space. As a unique liquid soil conditioner, Indoor Plant Booster is a plant food that’s perfect to keep your indoor and potted plants in tip top shape, including those that reside in pots, hanging baskets, and even those nestled on the verandah. 

If you’re ready to give Indoor Plant Booster a try and introduce it to the flora that you share your home with, be sure to water your plants thoroughly beforehand to assist with absorption. For best results, simply pour the recommended amount directly onto the soil, ideally around the base of the plant. 

At Bioweed, we specialise in organic solutions to ensure that your garden reaches its full potential the natural way. Our range of plant foods and plant products such as Indoor Plant Booster are all chemical free, and are providing Australians with safer products to use both in their gardens and in their homes. Based on the Sunshine Coast, our range has been embraced by people from all walks of life, and are backed with twenty years of research and industry knowledge.