How Plants Can Make Us Happier


Some might find this idea a little bizarre, and others might think that this is just common sense, but there have been a lot of studies that have shown that human connection with plants can make us feel better, less stressed, and at least feel like we are more present in the moment.

Do Plants Actually Make Us happier?

First of all, it is important to clarify that if you are not feeling well, it is extremely unlikely that a house plant is going to completely change your mood. However, there have been some studies that have shown that plants may be able to boost the moods of people, as well as provide some stress relief, and many other benefits.

Feel More Relaxed

One study claims that some of the parts of our bodies that send out distress signals are suppressed when people are interacting with plants.

Boosts Our Moods

One of the reasons why so many people surround themselves with indoor plants is because they are known to improve people’s moods. One study even suggests that as little as 20 minutes in a room with plants is long enough for a person to experience feelings of an improved mood. A different study showed that this may happen in as little as five to ten minutes.

Natural Connection

Some people think that since humans have a natural connection with nature, this is the reason why we feel so much better when we are around plants. This could also be why so many people take their holidays in places where there is so much nature to explore. However, if you are looking for a cheaper and easier way to get close to nature, why not think about adding some indoor flowering plants somewhere in your home?


There are so many plants that can boost your mood — even if it is only temporary — due to their beautiful scents. If you want some stunning plants with a relaxing smell you should be looking into growing some lilies.

Air Purification

Another reason why plants may be making us feel happier and healthy is that so many of them have the ability to purify the air around us. Adding some of these plants to the indoor spaces in your house might be a great way to make your house feel more like a home.


When you are working with plants it is likely that you will be more in the moment. If you are able to mindfully water, report, prune, or care for your plants it is going to at least make you feel more grounded when performing the activity.

Less Noise

In spaces like offices, indoor plants may make us feel better since they will block out some of the annoying office sounds.


While plants are not guaranteed to instantly improve your mood or make you feel great, there are a lot of studies to show that they will at least help us to feel happier.

Caring For Your Indoor Plants Chemical Free

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