Your Guide To Growing Bougainvillea


If you are looking for a magnificent plant to catch the eye of anyone passing by your garden, then a bougainvillea is going to be a perfect fit for you.

How To Make A Bougainvillea Flourish In Your Backyard

The great thing about bougainvilleas is that you can add a vibrant pop of colour to your garden without you needing to put in a ridiculous amount of back-breaking labour. All that it really takes for one of these plants to come alive in your garden is some planning and a little bit of gardening work. We want to give you a couple of easy steps for you to follow — as well as some handy tips — to help put you on your way towards adding another great addition to your garden and to make sure that you avoid any common gardening mistakes.

Step One

The first step you will need to follow is planning out where you want to grow your bougainvillea. This plant does best in places where they are exposed to full sunlight and can spread its roots in soil that is well draining. If you want your plant to live to its fullest potential you must make sure that you find a place that allows for both of these requirements.

Step Two

Once you have identified the perfect spot in your garden you will need to dig the planting hole. To get the right hole you need to find the size of the plant’s root ball. Once you have done this you will need to dig your hole so that it is twice as wide as the root ball of the plant and equal to its depth. Once the hole has been dug, remove the plant and then carefully place it into the hole, and gently tease the roots.

Step Three

Next, you will need to make sure that your bougainvillea is sitting well in the hole you have dug for it. After you have the plant sitting right, you can begin to gently fill the soil back into the hole. With any remaining soil, create a small mound at the trunk of the plant to help retain water while it is in its infancy. Finally, you should water your new plant to help bring all of the removed soil together. 

Step Four

If you would like, you can now add some mulch, or bark to surround your plant while making sure that it does not cover the base of the plant.

Some Of Our Tips

  • Bougainvilleas do not like having wet roots so make sure that you are not overwatering your one
  • These plants are known to attract wildlife to your garden so make sure that you are prepared for visits from new neighbours
  • These plants like to be pruned after they have finished flowers; this usually happens in autumn in Australia
  • These plants have spikes on them so always remember to wear appropriate personal protective gear whenever you are doing some work on your one


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