Benefits Of Growing a Native Frangipani In Your Garden


It feels like Australians have been in love with Frangipanis forever, but we think that the Native Frangipani has been ignored in Australian gardens for a little bit too long now. That is why we want to let you know about the benefits of growing one in your yard.

What Is A Native Frangipani?

The Native Frangipani — scientific name Hymenosporum flavum — does share a name with its non-native variants, but in reality, the trees are actually quite different. They differ in the way they look, smell, what they attract, and in many other ways. We think that each of the differences between the trees makes for great benefits too.

It Is Native

One of the biggest benefits and differences between these two trees is that the Native Frangipani is as the name suggests, native. This means depending on where in Australia you live and what the climate of the area is, it is likely that the native one will be far easier for you to grow compared to the other species of this tree. Growing one of these trees will also put you on your way to creating a beautiful native garden.

It Is An Evergreen

Another brilliant reason why the native version of this tree will be a great addition to your garden is that they are evergreen. Essentially, this means that they stay green, leafy, and gorgeous for more than just one growing season of the year. We think that this is a huge benefit for your garden, compared to the other non-native version of this tree, which sheds all its leaves throughout the colder months.

They Are Relatively Easy To Maintain

Another reason why this tree can make a great addition to your garden this year is that they are relatively easy to maintain. Since they are evergreen means, you do not have to deal with all of the leaves that will fall on your lawn, like you would if you planted the non-native one. This tree also does not need to be pruned very often, and once it is established in your yard you will not need to do much to ensure that it continues to thrive.

They Attract Wildlife

We think that one of the best things about growing a native Frangipani in your yard is that they will attract a bunch of friendly wildlife neighbours to your garden. Since the tree is native you will be able to attract beautiful native birds to your garden. The tree is also known to bring bees to your garden, which is great if you want to make life easier for them.

It Has A Nice Scent

Not only does this tree look amazing but it also has a lovely scent to it. If you are a fan of having a fragrant garden, then this tree is going to be a great pick for you.


The Native Frangipani is a great tree to add to your yard if you are looking for something that is pleasing to the eye, fragrant, easy to maintain, and will attract wildlife to your garden.

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