Artificial Grass vs Real Grass


If you are looking to do a bit of landscaping work at your house and wondering, Artificial Grass vs Real Grass? Don’t worry, you are not alone. The conversation about which type of grass is better has been going on forever. And while some people have very stern beliefs over what they believe to be the true best type of grass, we think that it honestly comes down to what you are looking for, and what your needs are. However, we do think that if you are going to make the correct decision for you it is important to have good information, which is why we are writing this for you.

Artificial Grass vs Real Grass, Which One Is Right For Me?

We are going to explain some of the differences between artificial grass and real grass for common points.


Artificial Grass – This grass does not need much sunlight to survive, however, it does retain a lot more heat than real grass, which will make it uncomfortable to walk on in summer if you do not have enough shade to cover it.

Real Grass – While some types of real grass will require a decent amount of sunlight to stay healthy and survive, there are also heaps of real grasses that are perfect if you have a shady backyard.

Drought Resistance

Artificial Grass – This grass does not need any water to grow and maintain its looks. This means that you will save money on your water bill, and have one less chore around the house to do.

Real Grass – Some types of real grass do not need much water to survive, however, most grasses will need to have at least a minimal amount of water to ensure that keeps them healthy.

Foot Traffic

Artificial Grass – This grass is great at dealing with a heavy amount of foot traffic, which is one of the reasons why it is often used in large commercial properties, or areas where it would be too difficult to maintain more sensitive types of grass.

Real Grass – When deciding on a real type of grass, some will be able to survive heavy foot traffic and use, if that is important to you.


Artificial Grass – Artificial grass may be a good choice for safety since it is unlikely to come with the holes or hard weed roots that come with real grass. However, some artificial grass may have toxic chemicals that run off when it rains.

Real Grass – Real grass can be a safe option for everyone at your house as long as you keep it maintained to a high enough standard and are constantly checking for weeds, pests, and ants.


Artificial Grass – If you get artificial grass you will need to make sure that dirt, dust, and odour build-ups are dealt with promptly. Fortunately, this can be done with a simple wash of the surface.

Real Grass – Some grasses are easier to maintain than others, however, most will need to be mowed, watered, maintained for pests, and kept clean from common weeds that often appear in Australian lawns.


When deciding between artificial grass and real grass, the cost is going to be a relatively small factor. When it comes to artificial and real grass they both have cheap and expensive options, depending on many different factors.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to which grass is going to be better for you, really it will be determined by your preference.

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