Pink Flowers To Brighten Your Garden


Here at Bioweed, we are fans of plants that come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, and textures. But, one colour we think gets overlooked in the lovely gardens of Australia is the colour pink. If you agree with us then keep on reading because we have got a list of some of our all-time favourite pink flowers.

Why you should plant pink flowers in your garden

It does not matter if you are planting for summer or autumn, pink flowers are going to look brilliant and welcoming in your garden no matter what time of year it is.

Our Favourite Pink Flowers

Here is the list of some of the flowers we think you need to check out.

Rose – What is not to love about roses? They offer a delightful scent, look amazing, and are fairly easy to maintain. Also, pink roses offer a certain elegance that no other rose colour can match.

Cherry Blossoms – Although Australia is not known to be a place for cherry blossoms, they can grow here and look incredible when they do. If where you live meets the condition for a cherry blossom you should try your hand at growing one.

Cyclamen – They look great in your garden even before these flowers bloom in autumn. Another great thing about this flower is that it does well planted outside in your garden or indoors in a pot. 

Peonies – These flowers look great when they are bunched up together or when they are mixed with other flowers. They also look great as buds.

Carnation – These flowers grow well in the sun and look amazing on sunny days.

Chrysanthemum – This is a top pick for so many people and it is easy to see why. The different hues around this flower are remarkable and blow us away every time we see one.

Camellia – The unreal colours of its petals mixed with the subtle and lovely buds in the middle make this a great flower to get for your garden.

Fuchsia – If you want something that is not only pink but also looks incredibly unique there is no going past a Fuchsia.

Protea – There are a few pink proteas that you can choose from when deciding how you want to add a bit of pink to your garden. 

Dahlia – These are one of the most gorgeous flowers that you can grow in your garden. They also make a great gift if you can put one in a vase. Why not shake things up a little bit and get a pink one for your yard.

Pink flowers are a great choice for anyone who is looking for a variety of colours in their garden.

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