Unusual Fruits To Grow In Your Garden

Unusual Fruits To Grow In Your Garden

One of the coolest ways to make your gardens unique and your own is by planting some unusual fruits.

Why you should fill your garden with unusual fruits

While growing summer vegetables and other edibles like chillies in your garden is great, we think they don’t convey the same amount of interest or wonder as planting unusual fruits to your garden. Their beautiful look and flowers will make your garden look stunning. And, when they are ready for harvest, you’ll be able to enjoy the unique flavours of fruits which are hard to find in Australia.

What Fruits Should You Grow?

Dragon Fruit – We think that dragon fruits are one of the coolest fruits that you can grow in your home, and they taste great.

Durian – Don’t let the odour put you off, durians look awesome, and they have a mildly sweet flavour to them.

Jackfruit – The flesh from jackfruits is incredibly versatile. Many vegans use it to create their versions of pulled pork or similar tasting dishes.

Rambutan – The rambutan is a mid-sized bright red fruit that resembles a hairy lychee.

Kiwano – The kiwano — also known as the horned melon — might not look vibrant on the outside, but the green seeds inside look magnificent.

Buddha’s Hand – The Buddha’s hand is an unusual fruit known for its perfume qualities you can extract from its roots.

Mangosteen – The deep purple of this fruit is sure to pop and look stunning anywhere in your garden.

Ackee – They look like apples when they are hanging in your garden, however, the fruit inside is different.

Star Fruit – The unique shape of the star fruit will capture the eye of anyone who is taking a stroll through your garden.

Miracle Fruit – A benefit of growing miracle fruit is that you will be greeted by gorgeous red berries popping through lush green throughout the year. 

Physalis – This lantern shaped fruit changes from pale green to a nice orange colour when the fruit is ripe.

Ugli Fruit – This citrus fruit looks like a mix of an orange and a pear.

Cherimoya – Better known as a custard apple in Australia — might be the most commonly seen from this list in Australia, but it still looks great in a garden.

Jabuticaba – Maybe the most fascinating looking fruit on our list, the Jaboticaba is sure to be a highlight of your garden for anyone who sees it.

If you love to eat different fruits or make your garden stand out, planting one of the fruits from our list will be a great idea.

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