Why Grevilleas Are A Great Option For Your Backyard

Why Grevilleas Are A Great Option For Your Backyard

Grevilleas are in our opinion one of the most amazing and worthwhile plants that you can grow in your yard.

Popular Types Of Grevilleas

One of the best things about grevilleas is that they come in such fantastic and versatile types. Below is a list of some of the most popular ones you can find.

  • Grevillea ground Cover
  • Grevillea Robyn Gordon
  • Grevillea Superb
  • Grevillea Bronze Rambler
  • Grevillea Seaspray
  • Grevillea Green Carpet
  • Flame Grevillea
  • Grevillea Honey Gem
  • Rosemary Grevillea
  • Grevillea Moonlight
  • Grevillea Ned Kelly
  • Weeping Grevillea
  • Olive Grevillea
  • Brown Silky Oak
  • Grevillea Loopy Lou
  • Grevillea Peaches and Cream
  • Grevillea Ivanhoe

The Benefits Of Growing A Grevillea In Your Garden

If you are still unsure about whether you should be growing a Grevillea in your yard, here are some great reasons why they make an ideal plant for your backyard.

Fast Growing – If your garden is looking a bit bare, but you don’t want to invest in installing a grown tree or wait for years to grow something new, a Grevillea grows quickly and has a decent amount of foliage. They also make great  screening plants for privacy as well.

Wildlife Attraction – Another amazing benefit of growing Grevillea is that they attract wildlife into your garden. If you were wondering how to attract birds to your garden, just plant a couple of grevilleas.

Beautiful Colours – Maybe the best thing about growing a Grevillea is the beauty that it will bring to your garden. You can plant different species of these in your garden for a remarkable splash of colour.

Long Blooms – Grevillea also produces flowers throughout the year which will help keep your yard vibrant even in the cooler months of the year.

Low Maintenance – In our opinion, Grevillea does not require high maintenance. They are resilient, and do not need much pruning or fertiliser to keep them healthy.

Drought Tolerant – These plants are also drought resistant. This means you will not need to worry about them drying in the hotter months unless you are experiencing a severe heatwave.

Grevilleas are one of Australia’s most iconic plants. If you ask us, there are so many reasons why we think that you and your garden would benefit from the addition of a Grevillea.

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