5 Hacks That Make Weeding Easier


Weeding may not be the most glamorous part of gardening, but it’s essential for maintaining a healthy and thriving garden. Think of it like decluttering your house – you might not enjoy it, but you feel so much better once it’s done. By taking the time to regularly weed, you’ll be able to enjoy a garden that’s the envy of your neighbours and impress even the most seasoned gardeners. 

Here are five hacks that make weeding a little easier.

  1. Know your enemy. Identifying your weeds is the first step to addressing the problem at hand. Australia has a diverse range of weed species, including the pesky bindii, the ever-present clover, and the harder-to-find Paspalum. Identifying which weeds you’re dealing with can help you select the best control method.
  2. Don’t let dry soil get in the way of your weeding progress. Before you start, moisten the soil by watering it lightly or waiting for rainfall. This will help you pull out weeds and minimise root damage to your plants. To make the task more comfortable and to lessen the damage to your clothes, use a kneeling mat or wear knee pads.
  3. While hand weeding may seem like a chore, it can be an excellent opportunity for some fresh air and exercise. Make the job more efficient by having the right tools on hand. To make life even easier, consider an all-in-one tool that accurately targets the weeds with minimal damage to surrounding plants and grasses (and makes your life a whole lot easier).
  4. Regular weeding is essential to keep your garden healthy and attractive. The frequency of weeding depends on the size of your garden and the severity of the weed infestation. Consistent maintenance can prevent weeds from taking over and making the task more overwhelming.
  5. Consider mulching your garden soil as a preventative measure against weed growth. Mulch helps to keep the soil moist, blocks sunlight from weed seeds, and can create a habitat for beneficial insects. Choose organic mulches, such as straw or compost, to add nutrients to the soil as they decompose over time. Remember to replenish the mulch when it gets too thin, and avoid over-applying, as this can hinder plant growth.

Keeping your garden free of weeds takes time and effort, but the results are worth it. With a little knowledge, the right tools, and consistent maintenance, you can enjoy a lush, healthy garden that’s free from unwanted intruders. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your weeding tools, and get started on creating the garden of your dreams. Want one more hack? Pop in some wireless headphones and do your weeding while listening to your favourite podcast or music. If you’re going to do hard work, you might as well make it more fun.

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If you’re on the hunt for a nature friendly weed killer, or simply want to know more about eliminating weeds safely – check out other tips and tricks in our online advice forum, or contact us for any further queries.