Common Winter Weeds and How To Kill Them


Summer or winter, rain or shine, weeds love to sneak up on us. They invade our gardens, lawns, and even pavement cracks, compromising the beauty and health of our outdoor spaces. And as much as we’d like to ignore them, they’re only going to get worse if we don’t do something about them.

The most common winter weeds

  1. Onion weeds. Onion weeds are stubborn and difficult to eradicate. Pulling the weed from the top will detach the bulbs in the soil, causing the weed to multiply and cause more damage. The weed grows well in damp and semi-shaded areas, making it a common problem during winter.
  2. Bindii. When you think of bindii you immediately think of pain. Its prickly seed pod is located at the centre of the weed, making it uncomfortable to step on during the warmer months. To avoid it spreading, it’s best to deal with this weed during the winter.
  3. Creeping oxalis. Creeping oxalis produce small, bright flowers, and as their name suggests, they quickly creep along the soil surface and produce roots from the leaf as it goes. The mature seed pods of this weed dry out and explode, spreading the seeds across a larger area.
  4. Winter grass. Winter grass is a low-growing turf grass that can quickly spread and grow even faster the following year if allowed to drop its seeds. It’s best to treat an invasion of winter grass before it goes to seed to avoid a larger problem.

Use a natural weed killer to get of pesky winter weeds

Natural weed killers offer superior benefits for our gardens. In the past, chemical herbicides seemed like heroes, saving crops and boosting yields. However, their environmental impact and risks to our food supply cannot be ignored. Chemical fertilisers and pesticides contaminate our water, soil, and living organisms. That’s why many farmers and homeowners are embracing organic and mindful weed control methods. Natural weed killers are not only effective but also smell pleasant, thanks to their gentle yet powerful essential oil compositions. Moreover, they offer the advantage of immediate re-entry into sprayed areas, making them ideal for families with children and pets who love to enjoy the outdoors without delay. Choose natural solutions for a healthier garden and a safer environment.

A natural weed spray In Australia 

Introducing Bioweed, a natural weed spray proudly made in Australia by Greenpro. With 20+ years of research, they have harnessed the power of sustainably sourced pine oil to create a game-changing weed killer. Bioweed is certified organic, breaks down in the soil within 72 hours, and eliminates both weeds and their seeds. It provides visible results in just one hour, making it perfect for kids and pets. Safe for use around veggies and gardens, Bioweed is 100% synthetic chemicals and glyphosate-free. Choose Bioweed for effective and eco-friendly weed control.

The Healthier Way to Spray

Bioweed is an organic, non-selective weed killer that works fast on contact with the weed, in order to rapidly desiccate and burn even the most stubborn of plants. It can be used anywhere around the house including garden beds, veggie patches, paths and driveways, and is safe to use around children, animals and even native wildlife.