Christmas Flower Guide to Deck Your Halls

As the holiday season is upon us, what better way to welcome the festive spirit then with some Christmas themed flowers? These blooms not only bring joy and colour but also capture the essence of the season. Let’s explore a selection of Christmas flowers that each bring their own charm and significance.


No Christmas floral display is complete without the iconic poinsettia. Known for its vibrant red poinsettias are a symbol of festive elegance and instantly elevate the Christmas spirit in any room. Originating from Mexico, these blooms have become synonymous with Christmas worldwide. However, these blooms also come in various shades such as white and pink, offering versatility to your holiday décor.


Known for its tall, majestic stems and large, trumpet-shaped blooms, the amaryllis is a regal addition to your Christmas décor. These dramatic flowers come in a variety of colour including red, white, and pink, making them another versatile choice for festive arrangements. Showcase amaryllis in tall vases or as a standalone statement piece to bring a touch of elegance to your Christmas festivities this year.

Christmas Bells

Native to Australia, these bell-shaped flowers come in festive hues, usually reds and yellows. Their graceful form and vibrant colours make them a delightful addition to Christmas arrangements. Christmas Bells symbolise the joy and celebration of the season, adding a unique touch to your festivities.


No Christmas décor is complete without a sprig of mistletoe. Steeped in tradition, mistletoe is seen as a symbol of love and goodwill. Mistletoe’s glossy green leaves and berries add a touch of natural charm to you holiday décor, fostering a sense of merriment and togetherness.

Christmas Lily

Characterised by its pure white, trumpet-shaped flowers, the Christmas Lily exudes elegance and grace. Inspired by a white Christmas, the Christmas Lily is a stunning option for Christmas celebrations.  Often associated with purity and renewal, these fragrant blooms make a striking statement in holiday arrangements.

Tips For Creating a Floral Wonderland This Christmas

  1. Mix and Match Colours

Have fun and experiment with a combination of traditional reds and greens, classic white, or even incorporate other colours for a modern twist.

  1. Layer with Greens

Complement your Christmas flowers with an assortment of evergreen foliage.

  1. Personalise with Ornaments

Integrate small Christmas ornaments or decorative elements that resonate with your personal style to make your floral displays uniquely yours.

This Christmas period let the magic of flowers transform your home into a festive wonderland. Whether you opt for traditional blooms like poinsettias, or add the melodic Christmas Bells to your arrangement, the beauty and symbolism of these flowers will undoubtedly enhance the joy and warmth of the holiday season. Happy Decorating!