Perfect Plants for Valentine’s Day

Why not consider stepping outside the traditional box of gifts this Valentine’s Day with living expressions of love and appreciation – potted plants. What better way to celebrate than with a living plant that grows with your relationship? While chocolates and roses are timeless, here is a guide to the best plants to gift for Valentine’s Day that bloom with lasting beauty and meaning.


A bouquet of roses is a classic, but giving a potted rose plant adds a delightful twist. Potted roses symbolise enduring love and can be enjoyed for years to come. You can even choose a colour that represents your feelings towards the recipient. Red for passion, yellow for friendship, and pink for admiration.


When it comes to expressing love, orchids are an elegant and sophisticated choice. With unique and intricate blooms, rare and delicate beauty is symbolised. You can also choose a colour that holds significance from the classic white to pinks, purples, and reds.

String of Hearts

A beautiful trailing succulent with cream, pink, and green heart-shaped leaves a String of Hearts is a thoughtful choice this Valentine’s Day. Gorgeous all year round, pop this potted plant up high for maximum visual impact.

Philodendron Heartleaf

With the heart-shaped leaves on this trailing plant, it is a fitting choice for Valentine’s Day. Fast-growing Philodendron Heartleaf is a wonderful way to signify your ever-growing love. An enchanting and low-maintenance gift for plant enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Peace Lily

A heartfelt gift for your recipient this Valentine’s Day, the gorgeous peace lily offers large leaves that surround white blooms. Boasting a beautiful and forgiving nature a potted peace lily can be a thoughtful gesture for expressing a calm and enduring love.

As you nurture your relationship with the symbolic gift of a potted plant, you can ensure your love continues to flourish with Bioweed. A perfect combination, you can ensure your thoughtful gift grows and blossoms alongside your relationship. Make your plants stronger, healthier, and greener with the Ultimate Garden Booster Pack or Indoor Plant Booster Pack this Valentine’s Day, the best companions for your gift giving.

For Valentine’s Day, go beyond the expected and gift a living token of your affection. Whether it’s the timeless beauty of roses, or the delicate charm of orchids, a potted plant is a reminder of your love that continues to grow and flourish. Choose a plant that resonates with the sentiments you wish to convey and let this Valentine’s Day be marked by the enduring beauty of a flourishing potted plant.

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