Create Autumn Colour in Your Garden

Are your ready for the explosions of red, orange, and yellow foliage that come with the cooler days of autumn taking shape? So you can embrace the autumn months, here are some of the best options for some stunning autumn foliage colour.

Japanese Maple
Renowned for its colourful foliage, the Japanese Maple will turn bronze, red, crimson, burgundy, orange, or gold depending on the variety as the weather cools. Autumn is the perfect time to plant, with most Japanese Maples preferring locations protected from strong winds and partly shaded for the best colour. If your landscape needs a pick me up, a Japanese Maple might just be what you’re looking for they will continue to look stunning no matter the season.

As the name suggests, this tree produces fiery orange and red foliage during the autumn season. Also known as ‘Sweet Gum’, Liquidamber can be a large tree more suited to bigger gardens. Make sure when planting your Liquidambar that it has plenty of space and room for the roots to spread. It can cope with both heat and cooler months, making it a reliable choice for some autumn colour.

Golden Ash
Beautiful year-round, the Golden Ash flourishes once the autumn season starts with pale green summer leaves turning an intense yellow. Making excellent shade trees, Golden Ash reach 7 metres high at maturity. Pick a sunny spot with well-drained soil when planting, and water regularly while establishing until the tree is mature at which point it will be drought tolerant.

While Tupelo is native to North America, it is well suited to Australian climates. In autumn its glossy green leaves transform into vibrant shares of red, orange, and purple. It has a tolerance for poorly drained soil and dry positions, and with a moderate growth rate is a good choice for a splash of colour. When planting ensure it will receive full sun, and in spring greenish-white flowers will appear to provide nectar for bees, followed by juicy dark blue fruit in late summer that is popular with birds.

Chinese Pistachio
As the temperature starts to drop, this tree starts to showcase intense shades of yellow, crimson, orange, and red leaves before becoming bare in winter. Chinese Pistachio is a hardy tree that thrives in a variety of environments, though it will do best in well-drained soil. Generally growing to 8-12 metres tall Chinese Pistachio can also be grown to a smaller size in pots if required. Able to be grown in cool to warm temperate gardens, the Chinese Pistachio is a perfect choice for some autumn colour.

While there many different types of trees that produce colourful autumn foliage, hopefully you have been inspired to plant your own autumn tree. Each with their unique seasonal colour palette, you can enjoy the spectacular display of an autumn landscape in your garden.