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With a growing awareness and concerns with the use of glyphosate-based products, discerning gardeners are looking for natural based solutions for weed control. While there are some choices available, results can vary and not always as expected.

Bioweed only uses premium and sustainably sourced hand tapped pine oil as it’s active ingredient.


  • Visible symptoms on some weed species after 1 hour
  • Organic certification – Organic input and approved for organic gardening
  • Controls a wide range of common weeds and grasses
  • No withholding period, so can plant imminently
  • Kills both weeds and their seeds
  • Safe around children, pets, vegetables and gardens
  • 100% Synthetic chemical free and glyphosate-free
  • Owned and made in Australia


Bioweed is not a systemic herbicide but rather works by stripping the outer coating of contacted plant and seed material, causing cell collapse and desiccation.

Simply spray liberally onto unwanted weeds, ensuring complete coverage, to the point of run-off. You will then see the weeds begin to wilt and go off colour, killing the weeds around your home and garden.



Bioweed is the only natural weed control to kill both the weed and seeds, providing you with long term results.

Replacing petrochemical herbicides will immediately begin to improve your soil health and alleviate soil residue issues.


Bioweed provides fast and effective control of weeds and grasses in rockeries, garden beds, paths, driveways, along fence lines and lawn edges.

Bioweed is pine oil based to give fast visual burn-down of weeds.

Popular Questions

How does it work?

BioWeed is not a systemic herbicide but rather works by stripping the outer coating of contacted plant and seed material, causing cell collapse and desiccation. The plant uses its natural water cycle to pull water and energy out of the root system and dehydrate the plants growth system.

How does the seed control work?

Direct contact with seed on the weed or in/on the soil will cause de-naturing of seed coat. This leads to the desiccation of the seed embryo and making the seed inviable.

What weeds will it control?

Bioweed will control a large range of herbaceous and grass type weeds. It will also control the seed of these plants. Bioweed will not control woody weeds such as lantana and devils fig. This is because it works on the waxy cuticle of the leaf and not the lignin (trunk).

Is there any danger of off target plant damage?

Off target damage is very low. As explained above, Bioweed will not damage tree root systems and trunks. This is because it is not a systemic herbicide. Making Bioweed perfect for control of weeds around new garden planting and valuable plants.

What is the shelf life?

Dependant on the storage of Bioweed, it is registered to have a shelf life of 2 years. (see label)

What is the mix rate?

Mixing rates can be found on the label but as a general guide the mixing rate is between 10% and 20%. The bigger the weed the stronger mix you will need.

Will it kill grass?

Bioweed will control most types of grasses. As it is not a conventional herbicide, full coverage of the grass is needed to get full control. If using Bioweed as an edging tool, a fine edge can be achieved as it will not retract back into the lawn area. Please note that when treating mature grasses with ‘runners’ a follow up treatment in 4-7 days will be required.

Is it safe for dogs and animals?

Bioweed is completely safe for dogs. As there is no withholding period, dogs can be in the yard when spraying. Best practice is to keep dogs off the treated area until dry to give the weed killer maximum time of the leaf surface.

Will it need a follow up to achieve a full kill?

If application manual and label is followed, Bioweed will achieve a full kill of targeted plants. Mature weeds will need slashing or brush cutting prior to treatment to control and may require follow up treatment.

Is it safe around Bees?

Bioweed is a non-systemic natural herbicide that will not effect bee and insect populations when used as per directions (i.e do not directly spray on to insects or bees). As Bioweed is non residual, it means that within 72hrs the herbicide component of the spray will be broken down in to long chain carbon and be beneficial to the soil.

Will it control nutgrass?

Bioweed will control Nutgrass but it will take several treatments to control completely. This is because for every nut grass plant there can be multiple seeds or nuts under the plant. With follow up treatments you will be able to control the plants and also the seed that the plant produces to stop germination in the future. It is important to get full coverage (to the point of run off) of the nutgrass. Best results are seen when applied in the morning of a hot sunny day.

Using Bioweed in conjunction with cultural methods

While Bioweed works on a wide variety of broadleaf weeds and grasses, we realise that a common low-cost alternative is to whipper snipper back, or even just to pull  weeds out in situations where there is thick foliage, or the coverage is sparse.

Its important to know that as a product, Bioweed can be used after weeds have been trimmed back, as it is a contact herbicide, and use at this stage will only enhance its effect, unlike some systemic varieties.

Not only that, it will also ensure weed seeds on the plant are controlled as well, limiting the recurrence over time. This means you will get longer life from your spray bottle and improve sustainability by combining these two types of control methods.

WHY CHOOSE Natural solutions?

While many weed killers use synthetic chemicals including glyphosate. Bioweed is made from 100% natural hand tapped pine oil as it’s active ingredient providing a sustainable weed control solution. Most importantly, is it is safe for use even when children or pets are in the area.

Bioweed  is approved by NASAA, ACO and  APVMA for use around organic farms and organic food production.


Bioweed has been used for years by councils and organic farms and is now available to provide your home a fast-acting, effective and safe weed control.

Easy to use, safe on the environment and will decrease weed populations by killing both the weed and seeds. It’s the perfect partner in your fight against invasive weed species. Bioweed is the healthy way to spray.


To every single weed there are a million seeds, so when you pull a weed, or kill with most weed killers, you are still leaving millions of seeds in the ground, so new weeds keep popping up.

While Bioweed isn’t a full pre-emergent, it has pre-emergent qualities. When Bioweed comes in contact with the seed, it dries out the epidermis or coating. This leads to the seed cracking prematurely and drying out the embryo.

So using Bioweed will not only kill the weed, it will also lower your count of seeds in the ground, which means less applications and waiting time to having a perfect weed free garden.


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Bioweed is not a systemic herbicide but rather works by stripping the outer coating of contacted plant and seed material, causing cell collapse and desiccation.  

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Bioweed now available in a handy 750ml pre-mixed ready to use bottle, and is perfect for home weed control.

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