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Did you know products containing Glyphosate can be extremely harmful to your pets?
Glyphosate, the common herbicide found in many weedkillers, poses a silent threat to our beloved animals. Extensive research has revealed its toxicity to pets, particularly dogs and cats. Exposure to glyphosate has been linked to various health issues, from gastrointestinal distress to more severe complications. Don’t let this silent intruder jeopardize your furry friends’ well-being. Choose a safer, pet-friendly alternative for a weed-free haven that keeps tails wagging and purrs uninterrupted. Your pets deserve a toxic-free environment – make the switch today!

WHY CHOOSE BIOWEED for your pets


Say goodbye to pesky weeds in your garden without jeopardizing your pet’s safety! Given the growing concerns about harmful glyphosate-type weedkillers harming our dogs and cats, it’s crucial to choose a pet-friendly weedkiller that offers both performance and peace of mind goodbye to annoying weeds in your garden without compromising your pet’s safety!

Unlike other harmful weedkillers, Bioweed is glyphosate-free. Its active ingredient is organic, sustainably sourced hand-tapped pine oil. You can enjoy a no-withholding period, ensuring your furry friends can roam freely in your garden or backyard immediately after the area is dry. While the spray is wet, we recommend keeping animals away to maximize Bioweed’s effectiveness.

Spray with peace of mind knowing your dogs, cats, and bees are safe! Eradicate weeds with a natural, pet-friendly solution that doesn’t compromise on performance!


Safe for dogs, cats, birds, native wildlife, bees, insects and even frogs! 


With growing awareness and concerns with the use of glyphosate-based products, discerning gardeners are looking for natural based solutions for weed control. While there are some choices available, results can vary and are not always as expected.

Bioweed Organic Weedkiller is a non-selective weedkiller that works fast on contact with the weed to rapidly desiccate and burn weeds. Have peace of mind knowing that Bioweed can be used anywhere including garden beds, veggie patches, paths, and driveways.

Australian owned, made and backed by over 20 years of research and development, Bioweed works fast. Simply spray liberally onto the unwanted weeds, ensuring complete coverage to the point of run-off. You will see that weeds beginning to wilt and go off colour in minutes.


Delivers amazing instant results and is safe to use around horses and dogs. Weeds are withered and brown in minutes. Love seeing the weeds gone!


I love that it doesn’t harm my other plants and that I can easily kill weeds without impacting the environment or my resident frogs


I love that I can use Bioweed anywhere, anytime without worrying about harmful chemicals impacting on me or my pets and other animal’s health