Is your garden looking a little sluggish?  We all know our inner health is vital, but what about the soil and the plants in our gardens? Our range of probiotics will restore your gardens inner health, the way nature intended.



RE-250 will energise and enhance the quality of your soil with a unique strain of bacteria for even greater results in your garden.

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FP-60 is a spray probiotic that is great in increasing the good bacteria in your garden. There are billions of bacteria in each bottle of FP-60.

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Biotic Booster provides the perfect boost for your garden and soil to improve natural tolerance to heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases.

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Bacteria is responsible for the well-being of our entire food chain – they are like underground factories, chewing up and digesting organic and dead plant matter, releasing the basic nutrients that all life depends on, including you! Without soil microbes, your plants cannot survive!

Garden Probiotics are sustainable and organic products that help create more beautiful and productive garden, but also a healthier local environment and ultimately a healthier you. 

They help unlock your soils potential by helping your garden maximise the nutrients available in the soil. Soil microbes helps process sugars, carbon and decompose organic matter.

Garden Probiotics from GreenPro Solutions work together to look after the soil and roots to bring back a more natural balance to your garden.  Your plants will love you for using it!


Probiotics help your gardens grow stronger, healthier and greener, by using a unique mixture of billions of safe, naturally-beneficial probiotics, namely Bacillus.

Bacillus works with the plant, not against it to, provide good bacteria and nutrients.  Each bottle contains billions of live microbes which work to improve your plant and soils health the way nature intended.

Like us, plants need nutrients to flourish.  But years of overuse and a reliance on chemical fertilisers has caused many problems. Over-fertilisation not only starves plants but also cause ecological damage, as it pollutes our waterways and soil. Garden Probiotics reduces the needs for synthetic fertilisers, as it unlocks the food and water already in your soil the natural way.

Scientifically-proven to break down and make plant food more available, it will also extend the reach of roots so that they can get more water and nutrients, Making for a far healthier plant. Over time it will improve your plants water-use efficiency, drought tolerance, and remove many of the harmful pollutants that build up in the soil.


  • Increasing the bacteria in your soil means less fertiliser requirements over time
  • Decreased leaching of fertiliser as the microbes and molecules retain it in the soil
  • Better retention of nutrients in coastal areas, as sandy soils leach more easily
  • Provides better aeration, nutrient distribution and root penetration in clay soils
  • Creates deeper root systems, meaning less watering requirements and better drought tolerance
  • Increases resistance to heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases
  • Increase beneficial microbial activity in soil.

How to build a stronger, healthier and greener garden in no time with probiotics…..


RE-250 directly to the soil to facilitate nutrient uptake and promote soil health


FP-60 is a spray probiotic that is great in increasing the good bacteria in your garden.


Biotic Booster mixed with RE-250 and FP-60 or by it’s self to promote healthy growth with enhanced root system development.



RE – 250 Soil Energiser

RE 250 is the culmination of years of research to develop a unique strain of the bacteria for even greater results.

  • Ultra concentrate – 100mls makes 50 litres
  • Promotes soil health
  • Facilitates nutrient uptake
  • Stimulates strong root growth
  • Provides nitrogen fixation
  • Promotes other beneficial micro-organisms
  • Increases resistance to heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases
  • Increase beneficial microbial activity in soil

Engergise your soil and roots

RE-250 is packed full of beneficial bacteria bacillus. Over the past two decades, bacillus has been studied rigorously in both lab and field settings. Bacillus bacteria is the powerhouse of the soil microbes and produces a wide range of benefits that have now been brought to the home gardener.

Plant Building Blocks

  • Nitrogen which is responsible for leaf growth
  • Phosphorus is responsible for root and shoot growth and flower and fruit development
  • Potassium is responsible for the regulation of the plants “breathing” and internal systems

Of the three major nutrients, Phosphorus can be the most difficult for plants to uptake as it can become locked in the soil. RE-250 can help unlock this nutrient and deliver it to the plant’s root system. This is beneficial as it can increase the plant’s development dramatically while lowering the number of nutrients needed to keep your plants healthy and producing quality fruit. As Australia is known for its low phosphorus soils, the addition of RE-250 to your fertiliser schedule could be the difference between good plants and great plants.

Promotes Root Health

When a healthy population has been established around the root system. The RE-250 can help the roots release these valuable micronutrients that otherwise would be locked in the soil. This can increase photosynthesis (Plants ability to convert sunlight into energy) meaning that your plants grow faster and stronger.

RE-250 has been shown to promote root development, this leads to plants with larger root systems, giving them the advantage of better drought tolerance and faster nutrient uptake.



FP-60 Probiotic Spray

FP-60 is a spray probiotic that is great in increasing the good bacteria in your garden.

There are billions of bacteria in each bottle of FP-60, mainly Bacillus S. This bacteria will naturally fix overused or imbalanced soil while creating natural barriers to harmful bacteria, fungus and diseases

  • Ultra concentrate – 100mls makes 100 litres
  • Promotes other beneficial micro-organisms
  • Increases resistance to heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases
  • Increase beneficial microbial activity in your garden
  • Aids nitrogen fixation
  • Converts insoluble nutrients to food for your garden
  • Combats harmful bacteria
  • Accelerates mineralization
  • Aids Salt Tolerance

Give your Garden more vigour.

FP-60 is a spray probiotic that is great in increasing the good bacteria in your garden.

Bacillus treatment in your garden will increase the Rubidium uptake. This leads to an increase in the availability of both potassium and sodium and in turn has shown to increase the biomass in your garden spaces. FP-60 will increase the productivity of green spaces with soils with low potassium availability.

Application of FP-60 spray will also increase the speed in which stable soil nutrients can be distributed via translocation. 

There are billions of bacteria in each bottle of FP-60, mainly Bacillus S. This bacteria will naturally fix overused or imbalanced soil while creating natural barriers to harmful bacteria, fungus and diseases.

After application, the bacteria multiplies and produces phytohormones. These little helpers create protective barriers which have shown to produce many benefits to the overall health of your green areas.

To apply FP-60, first mix with water and then spray a fine spray directly on to the leaves to the point of run-off.



INGREDIENTS: Humics, fulvic humus, seaweed extract, essential minerals.



Biotic Booster provides the perfect boost for your garden and soil. Each bottle includes a special blend of humics, fulvic humus and seaweed extract, all working to provide vigorous and healthy plant growth with enhanced flowering and root system development.

Combine with our probiotics, RE-250 or FP-60, to give your garden an extra Biotic Boost.

  • Boosts effects of FP-60 and RE-250
  • Stimulates growth and enhances colour
  • Promotes plant and soil health and growth in all plants, including natives
  • Enhances flowering and fruiting
  • Increases resistance to heat, drought, frost, pests and diseases
  • Increase beneficial microbial activity in soil

Biotic Booster

Organic matter is one of the most important building blocks of a healthy garden. It is vital, as it is what feeds the living parts of your soil and helps feed your plants the nutrients needed to grow strong and produce good quality flowers and fruit. Without good levels of organic carbon, your soil will struggle with its nutrient holding capacity, meaning that the nutrient that you feed your plants may not be available for the plant as it can be lost as soon as it is applied. Biotic booster has the ability to increase your soils cation exchange capacity (CEC). This is the soils ability to hold on to nutrients that are vital for your plant’s growth. Biotic Booster is packed full of Humic acids, fulvic acids and seaweed extract. These three ingredients have been proven to help build the underground structure of your garden to boost your living soil.

Humic acid

Humic acids are a group of molecules that reside within the root systems of your plants. They play a very important role in the uptake of nutrients and water by acting as a link between the soil and your plants root systems. Humic acids are also attracted to the poorer zones of a plants root system to help increase overall productivity of the root system. Higher levels of humic acid have shown to dramatically increase the yield of your plants.

Fulvic acid

Similar to humic acids, fulvic acis increases the plants ability to take up nutrients. These smaller molecules that can be absorbed by the plant and be used throughout the plant. They can hold on to nutrients in even the sandiest soils and prevent the nutrients leaching away, benefiting both your plants and the environment. They can also benefit clay soils as they can aggregate the clay making it more porous and aerobic, leading to better drainage and deeper root growth. Both humic and fulvic acid can combine minerals to make them into organic matter than can be easily ingested by plants.

Seaweed extract

Both Humic and Fulvic acid have the best result when applied with a plant nutrient. The Seaweed extract in Biotic Booster will give the humic and fulvic acids nutrients for the plant to absorb. Seaweed extract contains soluble levels of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium along with trace elements and amino acids that are all needed for healthy plant functions. Seaweed extract also contains plant hormone regulators that increase the plants ability to grow faster and stronger.

The benefits of Biotic Booster can be seen on all stages of a plant’s growth cycle, from seedlings to fully grown trees. With the addition of Biotic Booster to your garden, you can build the underground structure that results in a healthy and vibrant garden above.

garden Probiotic FAQ

What is a soil probiotic?

A soil probiotic is another name for soil microorganisms. They are the small work horses of the natural world that break down of organic matter and cycle nutrients into a form that plants can use to grow. They are not only vital to the plant’s ability to uptake nutrients but also play a role in the development of a healthy soil structure.

What are macro and micro-nutrients?

Nutrients for plants can be broken down in to two main groups, macro and micronutrients. Macro nutrients are nutrients that are needed in large amounts for the everyday functions of a plant. These can be called the building blocks of the plant. You may have heard of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). These are all macronutrients that the plants need to survive. RE-250 is a great addition to your soil as it can help to unlock and distribute these nutrients to the plant’s root systems. Micronutrients are just as important, but plants only need small amounts. Some of the common ones are Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn) and Copper (Cu). Biotic booster has been shown to increase the availability of these nutrients in the root zone to aid the uptake by your plants.

Why is the soil so important?

Previously soil was thought to play a supporting role in the growth of plants. With the increase in technology and scientific research, a new understanding of the importance of a healthy living soil ecosystem has been established. We now know that it is the most important part of a plant’s productivity. With the use of plant probiotics from sustainable formulations, you can keep your soil healthy with limiting the impact on the environment moving towards a highly productive

Why is Biotic Booster better than using synthetic fertilisers?

Synthetic fertilisers usually contain a high concentrate Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium with some other micronutrients. Although they are in a readily available form that plants can use, they can also leach out of the soil quickly. This means that you may have to fertilise your plants several more times during a growing season. Organic fertilisers, on the other hand, can have a larger range of macro and micronutrients but need bacteria in the soil to help break them down in to plant food. We recommend using both the RE-250 and Biotic booster to achieve a long term wholistic fertilisation for your plants.

Can the RE-250 and FP-60 be mixed with fertilisers?

Yes, as the RE-250 and FP-60 bacteria are stable you can mix with liquid fertiliser. The rule of thumb is if the fertiliser will not damage the plant’s root system or foliage, it will not harm the microbial population. We recommend using the RE-250 and Biotic booster together to get the benefit of the bacteria and organic fertiliser as they work symbiotically. Studies have shown that there have been increases in plant productivity when both microbes and organic matter have been used.

Can I use the soil probiotics in my organic garden?

All sustainable formulations are certified organic inputs and can be used in both domestic and commercial gardens. Please let us know if you need a copy of our certification for auditing

Will soil probiotics work if I apply a higher rate?

The short answer is no. If you are looking to increase a population of the beneficial bacteria to your plant’s root zone it is much better to re-apply the RE-250 every two weeks. This is because there is only a certain number of bacteria that is needed to establish a healthy population. It can be thought of the same as applying fertiliser. If you repeat the applications every few weeks you will see an increase in productivity but if you applied the fertiliser all at once you will see a decrease. The same goes for soil probiotics.

Is it safe around Pets and other animals?

All sustainable formulation products are made to be safe to use around pets and livestock. As there is no withholding period it is safe to apply in the yard without harming your animals and the native wildlife.

What water can I use with RE-250 and FP-60?

It is recommended that dechlorinated water is used for the mixing of both RE-250 and FP-60 as heavily chlorinated water can affect the productivity of the microbes. If you do not have access to tank r dam water, dechlorinated water can be made by either boiling tap water and letting it completely cool down or leaving a bucket of tap water outside in the sun for 24hrs.

How long does it take for RE-250 to colonise a root system?

The germination of bacillus will happen quickly after it has been exposed to water. After waiting the recommended 20 minutes before watering in the microbial population will take roughly 2-3 days before a becoming colonised.

How long will RE-250 stay in the soil?

Because the beneficial bacteria colonise the root system and not the soil itself it is dependent on the plant type that you are applying the RE-250 to. Once the plant has been removed the bacteria will return to spores and break down over time. When planting a new crop, reapply the RE-250 to re-establish a healthy bacterial population.

Why is important to water the RE-250 into the root system?

It is important that the RE-250 soil energizer is applied as close to the root system as possible. Beneficial bacteria need to detect the chemicals that a plants root system gives off so the closer you can get the product to the root system the better chance of establishing a population you will have. It is important to note that it may be more difficult to get to the root system in clay heavy soils so repeat applications may be required.

Why are longer roots better?

RE-250 and Biotic booster have been shown to increase the size of plant root systems. This is highly beneficial as it does not only increase the drought resistance of the plant by being able to reach deeper for water but also increases the plant’s chances of retrieving vital nutrients that are needed for growth.

Why is it important to reapply RE-250 and FP-60?

It is important to reapply all three products as directed by the instructions. Plants need healthy soil to achieve maximum growth so if the soil is imbalanced it can affect the population the same way that it can affect your plants. Reapplying will ensure that the bacterial population stays healthy and in turn, helps your plants stay healthy.

What is the best way to store my soil probiotics?

It is recommended that the products be stored in a dark cool place in an airtight container. This will increase the longevity of the product and ensure that you have stable microbes for future use.

What is the difference between Bioweed probiotics and the competition?

GreenPro Solutions have been researching for years to develop and find the most stable and productive strains of Bacillus. Both the RE-250 and the FP-60 have several different strains that work together to give a wholistic approach to soil microbes. Increasing yield and plant productivity. The science behind our Garden Probiotics has been used for years in some of the most arid places on the planet to help farm these spaces.


The science behind our probiotics was developed to help vegetate and farm some of the most arid parts of the world, including countries such as Israel.

The Bacillus helps create soil that is rich in nutrients, requires less irrigation and helps drought proof the plants, meaning that lush green plants thrive even is the harshest conditions.

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*This product is allowable for use on farms certified to the Australian Certified Organic Standard