Using Bioweed ready to use on larger weeds

Bioweed’s Agronomist, Nick, shares some tips on the best way to take care of larger weeds, over 15cm with Bioweed ready to use around the home.

How to apply Bioweed ready to use

Bioweed’s Agronomist, Nick, shows you on how to best apply Bioweed ready to use on broadlead weeds and grasses to get the best results.

Using Bioweed ready to use on potted plans

Bioweed’s Agronomist, Nick, how Bioweed can be used around potted fruit trees and plants to organically control your weeds.

How to use Bioweed Flyer

Download our how to use Bioweed ready to use flyer, for simple steps to make sure you get the best out of Bioweed Organic.


Popular Questions

How does it work?

BioWeed is not a systemic herbicide but rather works by stripping the outer coating of contacted plant and seed material, causing cell collapse and desiccation. The plant uses its natural water cycle to pull water and energy out of the root system and dehydrate the plants growth system.

How does the seed control work?

Direct contact with seed on the weed or in/on the soil will cause de-naturing of seed coat. This leads to the desiccation of the seed embryo and making the seed in-viable.

Bioweed will only kill the seeds that it comes in to contact with. It is classed as a post emergent (basically attacks seeds above ground).Bioweed is non-residual it will not sit in the soil. It is important to note that if used over long term the seed bank will be controlled as less seeds are being added to the seed bank. Spray patterns can be reduced by 50% over the long term.

What weeds will it control?

Bioweed will control a large range of herbaceous and grass type weeds. It will also control the seed of these plants. Bioweed will not control woody weeds such as lantana and devils fig. This is because it works on the waxy cuticle of the leaf and not the lignin (trunk).

Is there any danger of off target plant damage?

Off target damage is very low. As explained above, Bioweed will not damage tree root systems and trunks. This is because it is not a systemic herbicide. Making Bioweed perfect for control of weeds around new garden planting and valuable plants.

What is the shelf life?

Dependant on the storage of Bioweed, it is registered to have a shelf life of 2 years. (see label)

What is the mix rate?

Mixing rates can be found on the label but as a general guide the mixing rate is between 10% and 20%. The bigger the weed the stronger mix you will need.

Will it kill grass?

Bioweed will control most types of grasses. As it is not a conventional herbicide, full coverage of the grass is needed to get full control. If using Bioweed as an edging tool, a fine edge can be achieved as it will not retract back into the lawn area. Please note that when treating mature grasses with ‘runners’ a follow up treatment in 4-7 days will be required.

Is it safe for dogs and animals?

Bioweed is completely safe for dogs. As there is no withholding period, dogs can be in the yard when spraying. Best practice is to keep dogs off the treated area until dry to give the weed killer maximum time of the leaf surface.

Will it need a follow up to achieve a full kill?

If application label is followed, Bioweed will achieve a full kill of targeted plants. Mature weeds will need slashing or brush cutting prior to treatment to control and may require follow up treatment.

Is it safe around Bees?

Bioweed is a non-systemic natural herbicide that will not effect bee and insect populations when used as per directions (i.e do not directly spray on to insects or bees). As Bioweed is non residual, it means that within 72hrs the herbicide component of the spray will be broken down in to long chain carbon and be beneficial to the soil.

Will it control nutgrass?

Bioweed will control Nutgrass but it will take several treatments to control completely. This is because for every nut grass plant there can be multiple seeds or nuts under the plant. With follow up treatments you will be able to control the plants and also the seed that the plant produces to stop germination in the future. It is important to get full coverage (to the point of run off) of the nutgrass. Best results are seen when applied in the morning of a hot sunny day.

Will it work on lantana?

As lantana large woody weed, it would be hard for Bioweed to control. Best solution is to slash or cut right back and then apply to the young shoots sprouts.


Safety Data Sheet

Can download the Bioweed Safety Data Sheet here.

Weeds controlled fact sheet

Bioweed organic can contol most comon weeds, please find our list of weeds controlled here.

Postage, delivery and Purchasing

Postage Costs

Postage available Australia wide via insured and tracked postage.

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Postage and Handling

Postage and handling fees incurred depend on the total number of bottles ordered. All orders are fulfilled from Sunshine Coast, Queensland. We endeavor to dispatch orders which are in stock within two business days of receiving confirmation of payment. All deliveries are insured and tracked.

How long will it take to recive my order?

Once your payment has been processed, we make it our priority to dispatch your order by the following business day. Expected delivery time is 5-7 working days after ordering and paying (7-10 days for WA and remote areas), although quite often it is sooner. You will receive an email once your order is dispatched, allowing you to track delivery online (allow 24-48 hours for tracking information to be available).

Are prices inclusive of GST?

Yes, all prices include GST.

Can I purchase in store?

Purchase in store or online pick-up from our Sunshine Coast office located at 37 Production Ave, Warana. Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm.

Purchase in store or online pick-up from our Melbourne office located at 89 Cherry lane, Laverton North. Open Monday  to Friday from 8am to 4pm.

Returns Policy

Refunds & Returns Policy

30 Day, Money Back Guarantee

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Simply contact our friendly Customer service team to arrange a Postage Paid Return Label, at no cost to you.  Once we receive the item back at our warehouse, we will then refund the full product cost back to you, or if preferred, arrange for a credit or exchange.

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How do I find out about commercial sales?

Yes, you can. Contact Bioweed sales to organise a demonstration and consultation on how Bioweed can  be implemented in to your business or as part of your overall weed control plan on 1300 246 933.