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I have an ongoing problem with onion weed and oxalis in my small urban garden. Bioweed allows me to selectively weed safely without upsetting other plants. It has a pleasant pine smell and best of all, its a natural product without any nasties! I’m a very satisfied customer!

Caroline Williams / Google Review

It works within two days and is very effective on all weeds.
I have only had it for about 10 days and am very pleased with it

Maurie Thiele / Google Review

Bioweed is my best friend now in the garden. Weeds disappear when they see the bottle coming. Its just the best.

Laurel McPhee / Google

This product is amazing it works very well and smells nice too! I am about to reorder, brought a small amount to try and very happy with results.

Fiona Armes / Google

Very good results particularly on kykuyu which i consider a pest that invades our garden from next door . It took a bit of adjusting the dose to be effective. But with the wet weather now we stopped the process. But during a dry day , within 15 minutes one can see ground cover weeds collapsing.

Gilbert Charbonnier / Google

“Effective Liverwort control without compromising crop and operator safety.”

Eddy Wiseman / Wiseman Nurseries